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    I am always thinking of ideas for really effective adds that palm can roll out. Again, palm needs to find a way to convince the public that they need a webos phone over an iphone, droid or other leaders. One way I thought of doing this is if they conduct real life interviews of people who have also used an iphone, droid, or whatever else, and now use a palm, and have these people basically tell the audience how the palm is so much better. I myself have used both and I would prefer the pre because I think its operating system, with all of its potential, is superior. I don't think there are enough people out there in this category to be able to poll people on the streets for a marketing tactic like this, but maybe palm can conduct some type of survey to find this population of people and then once they have them, conduct interviews in the streets to make it look like people just kind of volunteered while passing by (we see this type of marketing technique all the time). I have other ideas as well .. wonder if anyone from palm is listening. Anybody else have any other ideas? Remember, competition is fierce, now even more so with the announcement of the new iphone ... people need to be convinced why they should buy palm and not a competitor - what sets palm above the rest - think palm should focus currently on the multi-task system, although this window is closing fast as others will incorporate this into their operating systems since it is clear that this concept was a homerun for palm.

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    Oh... I have used an iPhone (~three years) and I regret that I bought the pre, so your idea isn't too good! The potential of the webos is huge, but with the sh!tty hardware and NO support (+the AWFUL update system - carrier dependent) you have nothing! My only hope is for a faster release of the new iphone (multitask able hopefully), because from palm I can't expect too much!

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