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    Having issues opening Launchpoint cards.
    When I click on an icon, it opens a bigger icon and a close button.
    What's suppose to happen is a card is suppose to open with my
    frequently used contacts.

    I am at the dashboard, I click on the icons for Launchpoint and then a larger
    Launchpoint icon opens and right next to that is a button that says Close.

    Close buttons works but the Launchpoint button does not work.

    Does anyone know the fix for this?
    I presently have a Palm Pre
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    Launchpoint works fine for me. Maybe you have a corrupted file. Did you try deleting them and the app, and reinstalling?
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    Okay so do I uninstall Launchpoint? Not sure if you're saying uninstall or delete Launchpoint, here?
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    Okay so I found out how to delete the application, but my question is once I delete it, will I have to re-buy it to re-install it

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