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    Ok so I am on my second pre plus so far in a couple of weeks. First one I replaced because of keyboard backlight issues with it not covering al the keys very well.

    Second pre - more flimsy, the slider isn't all that sturdy and can be moved around a lot more than the first one. And sometimes when I am using the phone the brightness will randomly go down as if I slid the little brightness bar down myself, yet it just does it randomly when I am using the phone.
    Also, sometimes when receiving texts my phone will shut of right after I get a text message as if I pushed the top power button.
    And last night my keyboard just stopped working all together. fantastic

    So I took it to verizon today and they did some kind of reset for the keyboard and got it working again but refused to replace the device for the other issues because the guy didn't see any issues when he looked at my phone for like 30 seconds.

    So... my question is... anyone else having problems with their phone and having problems getting verizon to replace it? I am still under the 30 days. And any tips on what I can do?
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    My screen dims automaticlly. I think it was an update with 1.4. But, I haven't had any of the other issues you posted.
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    it's called an ambient light sensor.
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    You can set it for lower bightness and you will see it happen less often. It does it automaticly to save on battery power. Maybe we need a patch for that.
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    Oh jeez... I did not think about that. I feel stupid now. Thanks though

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