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    March Smart Phone Madness Game 13: Palm Pre Plus vs. HTC HD2

    March Smart Phone Madness Game 13: Palm Pre Plus vs. HTC HD2

    March 31st, 2010 by Marc Flores

    Weíre down to the final four here and surprisingly, three out of four of the remaining smart phones are from Verizon. We have the BlackBerry Tour, the Palm Pre Plus, the HTC HD2, and yesterdayís winner, the Motorola Droid. Today, the HTC HD2 is going up against the Palm Pre Plus. Will the massive touchscreen phone beat out Palmís webOS handset? Or will QWERTY keyboard fans push the Pre Plus right over the HD2? Letís find out!

    The Palm Pre Plus beat the BlackBerry Bold 9700 by a small margin and hasnít really had time to recover before taking on the HD2. However, it has proven itself to be a very capable handset with an intuitive operating system. WebOS is one of the most polished and smart operating systems out there and is a killer multitasking machine. One of the reasons the Palm Pre Plus beat the Bold 9700 is, according to our readers, its OS and user interface just canít be beat.

    In terms of hardware, the Pre Plus is pretty solid. The sliding mechanism is great, the design is slick and attractive, and the keyboard is pretty manageable. Perhaps a few of its downsides might be dealbreakers for some, such as the sometimes laggy performance and the short battery life. Overall, the Palm Pre Plus and its users have shown that it is certainly a serious contender in todayís smart phone ecosystem.

    Oh, but then there is the HTC HD2ís massive touchscreen. At 4.3″, the HD2 has a display like weíve never seen: watching movies and browsing the web is a pleasure and the on-screen keyboard is easy to use thanks to the ample space. The HD2 also features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and in our tests and hands-on time with the device, having that extra firepower shows when navigating the phone and opening applications.

    On the downside, the HTC HD2 is running Windows Mobile 6.5, which looks like itís aging much quicker thanks to the announcement and anticipation for Windows Phone 7. While HTCís Sense UI makes WinMo 6.5 more attractive and easy to use, our concern is that support for future applications will dwindle as developers focus on the newer Windows Phone 7. Another thing to consider is the HD2ís size Ė while having all that screen real estate is a bonus, it obviously comes with all the size for the rest of the phone. Is that something youíll really want to put into your pocket or hold all day?

    The Palm Pre Plus and HTC HD2 are two very solid smart phones and are in the final four for a reason. But who will ultimately take the win and earn a spot in the finals? Cast your votes below and donít forget that the polls close at 9 a.m. EST tomorrow, April 1!
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