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    I just updated but since removing the 800mhz patch, my pre doesn't feel the same as yesterday. Paid apps are cool but the speed was better damn damn damn
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    Patience, grasshopper. I'm sure the patch will be tested and verified for 1.4.1 soon.
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    hopefully your right, I was just starting to fall in love with my pre.
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    Pretty sure there was a note in the main overclocking thread that their will be an .ipk file for 1.4.1 which will make install a lot easier.
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    Any news if the 800 patch will be put on preware?
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    I pulled my 800Mhz kernal also. I was still trying to determine if my reboots were caused by the original OS kernal (1.4) or the 800 Mhz kernal. Was getting the reboots @ every 2 - 3 days. I can live with that since I am now addicted to speed, but I sure hope the new OS release fixes the reboots...
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    I pulled mine too, I can't wait to put it back on.
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    pull the 800 patch?

    I know 1.4.1. Isn't in the US yet, but when it is we have to remove the patch before installing?

    EDIT: I just read the front page article where it instructs us to uninstall the patch.
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    Well, I'll keep my patch and not update until the kernel is updated for 1.4.1
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    I have had no problems with 1.4 and will stay with the 800 patch. The phone is a whole new phone and I want to update but don't have the bugs everone is talking about. Hurry up with the 1.4.1 kernal unixpsycho and caj2008 so I can upgrade. Thanks guys! I have a release day sprint pre...

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