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PRODUCT REVIEW: Palm Pre Plus | product, friends, reaction - Life -

March 31, 2010 3:09 PM
Zack Quaintance
The Monitor
When my friends spotted my new phone, their immidiate reaction was: “Pff, you should have got an iPhone.”

Then they looked closer.

“Wait a minute, that’s the one phone that can arguably out iPhone the iPhone.”

And that has largely been my experience with Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus. It can hang with the best of them, including Apple’s vaunted “we have an app for that” monster, the iPhone.

I love the Palm Pre Plus. The storage space is incredible with 16 GB of space. I was able to fit a decent chunk of my music collection on the device. And its small size made it great for listening to tunes while at the gym or jogging.

I was also impressed with the speed of the Internet. I used the Palm Pre Plus all over McAllen, and never once did I have a problem accessing the Web. I even had my e-mail forwarded to the phone for a bit, and I was shocked when I would occasionally get a new message notification on the phone faster than I would on my computer.

All the standard functions are also done well. Texting is easy with the little keyboard, but it takes a bit of getting used to. The rubbery buttons beat up my fingers a bit more than my old BlackBerry, but I found the physical keypad preferable to other phones that use a touch-screen interface.

My only real complaint with the phone were the few dead zones where I got little to no reception on my calls, such as the break room in The Monitor’s offices for some reason.

I used this phone for about two solid weeks, and I felt like I just scratched the surface of its many features. Overall, I’d recommend this phone before anything else on the market – even the mighty iPhone.


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