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    I had a Palm Pre activated on Sprint. Long story short i had fraud on my account and sprint shut my phone off. After them threating to take me to court i contacted my lawyer and they contacted sprint, Well Sprint still wont take the charges off but they released the ESN/MEID of the phone and i want to use it on a different carrier how would i do this? Or should I just sell the phone.
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    I would just sell it. Sorry to hear about your troubles, I've personally never had anything but good to say about Sprint
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    it sounds like you have had quite the experience with Sprint. i too have had my fair share of madness with Sprint, however i love the service. (well, used to love it, now i just like it. ever since i moved from Raleigh, NC to Sierra Vista, AZ the coverage out here SUUUUUCKS!!)

    as far as the Palm Pre....mmmmhmmm can't agree too much.
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    Sprint is a great carrier IMO
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    me too, great plans, free roaming, couldn't ask for more!
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    sprints the best carrier i've had. I've had them all.
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    nothing but good things w sprint. Had same issue as you once w a stoleing phone,,,lots of screensavers were purchased before I shut it off. They took charges off no questions asked.
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    I've had the exact issue with them. Fraud on my account, alls to the dominican republic every 2 minutes on christmas day.

    one phone call and the situation was rectified.

    fight on! Sometimes it takes them months to fix an error.
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    I have had sprint for over 10 years and I haven't had a single problem with them.
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    what did you do to sprint?
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