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    I cant log in to my palm profile. I use Web os Dr. 1.4 but problem was again.
    When I try to sign in to my profile or try to create new profile, write me massage: "Sign-In Failed We were unable to sign you in. Contact Palm for help resolving this problem. Visi for more information." Thank you for your help. I have Unlocked Palm pre GSM
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    Where do you find your palm profile? Is it stored on the phone somewhere? I don't even know what I would enter if it asked me for it.
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    I create palm profile one week ago ....everything was ok until I do hard reset with Web OS DR. when I control my profile on I can log in and every data is allright. I using wifi connection.
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    why do i need to have 10 posts
    This is to foil spammers who typically create a fake user on a forum, then start to post a couple of linkspam messages to create traffic on their own website.

    Forcing them to post 10 times usually filters them out.

    (Oh, BTW...what you just did could be considered a violation of the TOS here. You're supposed to post "real posts" that contribute to the forum, not just a bunch of copies!)

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    Hello, I have the same problem on my palm pre. Everything works well, but oneday I have to flashed it with webOS doctor and after that I can't login to my palm profile or create new profile. Do you have any idea? I have eu palm pre with 1.4.5.
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    I read many post about them, but I'm not sure. Is it possible if I use remote wipe for my pre (I tried to delete pre from profile) it's blocked to make new or use old profile?

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