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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog421 View Post
    I agree with that, but even if the droid beats bb. We still will have to beat both camps, I doubt we'll get any outside help......its us few against the world, webOS rules.
    But maybe we can get outside help. With Palm taking Apple employees and getting this new OS and hardware off the line, you know apple owners will not be there. Unless Apple owners are bitter over the loss to the tour. Is there a member here of Apple forums that can feel them out? If BB takes out droid though, we might be able to get the droid and microsoft people behind us. After all BB has hurt them. What about HTC? Does anyone here belong to a forum for them and can you make a post/thread asking if we can get any help to take the last one out? The post would have to be a thank you for the tight race and how great the new HTC's are. And then ask if it would not be in their best interest to take down the Big Headed Giant that took out Apple 3Gs.
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    We have to make sure to rally the palm community on every fan site. We have to hope that polldaddy closes the loophole that allows multiple votes.

    And we REALLY need PalmCentral to keep the vote article in the upper-left side for the entire vote. This is to the benefit of their audience, so I don't know why they resist that...

    I have to believe this increased PreCentral traffic and membership (and therefore revenue) as people came by to find out what the heck a Palm Pre+ is...

    Great publicity that helps PreCentral, so let's hope the get that...
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    Just voted for the Pre! Go Pre!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyparas View Post
    Just voted for the Pre! Go Pre!
    is that an april fools joke? voting stopped at 9:00am EST

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