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    Before 1.4, I use to be able to download mp3 files off sites and instantly play them on my Pre's media player. Now with the multi mod patch, I can download the mp3, but it just never plays. It just sits there and it time I try to play the mp3 file, it skips to the next song...So annoying...
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    That happens to me, I hooked my pre to my pc as usb then renamed the file and moved it to my "music" folder and it played. This never happened before 1.4
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    I don't want to have to do that for every file. That's crazy!...It always worked well before.
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    Yeah that was my favorite patch. I've doctored my phone since the last time it worked and I haven't bothered patching it up since then because of this problem.
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    Yeah, i thought it was something else. I always doctored my Pre and reinstalled the patch, but it did the same exact thing. It even mad my Pre alot slower.

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