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    Hmmm - weren't we suppose to get paid apps by today??
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    Quote Originally Posted by vbhatt16 View Post
    Hmmm - weren't we suppose to get paid apps by today??
    Palm has a habit of literally waiting to the last minute, so start wondering after 12:00 am Pacific Time.
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    the day is still young so perhaps it won't be out till end of business day 2day or perhaps in the next few days. Bell is certainly slow with its launches. So if they say march they r coming out with paid apps...consider it either end of business day or few days after.
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    As long as they (Palm) don't work to Adobe's timescale it'll be all good,

    I hope!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    As long as they (Palm) don't work to Adobe's timescale it'll be all good,

    I hope!

    adobe's timescale sucks .... they might as well just flat out say who knows.

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    they are doing something at least, this morning we had one paid app in germany (modern warfare) but it disappeared later today
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    yea, jesus it's still early in the morning at Palm's headquarters. Be patient.
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    I don't think Bell actually has anything to do with the App Catalog so I think we should be good with a release later today!!!
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    That may be so but the working day is nearly over here in Europe (already is for some) and it was us that were promised paid apps today. If they meant late in the day Palm time they should have just said the 1st to us Europeans (except it would have been thought a joke then).
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    Apparently Palm is using an update to upgrade the Palm Catalog and therefore, it must be authorised by Bell... Too bad, I almost thought we would get it today!!!
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    It is now official, Canada will NOT be getting the paid app catalogue at this point... it has been pushed back to the usual b*llsh!t statement of "coming soon". Palm is really not doing themselves or their developers any favours, who would want to develop for a phone that doesn't have decent market penetration?
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    This doesn't surprise me. What exactly do you mean by official?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weaser999 View Post
    This doesn't surprise me. What exactly do you mean by official?
    From the Palm Developer Center Blog: the following quote; "...In a nutshell, you can now sell your existing and new applications in many new regions. Commerce in Mexico, Canada and France is coming soon..."

    Basically put, we are right back to where we were before..... no information, no solid dates, NOTHING..... I'm right ****ed at Palm.

    (Oh yeah, you can see this on the front page of precentral)
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    Bell sucks plain and simple
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    *Sigh of general frustration at technology*

    Yes, fellow Canadians (& our Mexican and French neighbours), I agree...this sucks, and sucks royally. I just got back from a holiday today, and was really looking forward to downloading some paid apps, but no luck.

    Still, I see some reasons to have faith. Canada & Mexico are notoriously the last to get any WebOS update, and international paid apps appear to be tied to the new 1.4.x update. The Beta banner is still gone from the App Catalog (in Canada at least). Palm is allowing pre-approval for sale of apps in Canada, Mexico and France.

    So, let's have patience. I think we're getting used to being at the back of the line. Unfortunately, we may have to be at the back one more time.

    P.S. For those who are only seeing 30-some apps in the new apps section, this appears to be some form of bug or glitch. Check the categories or popular apps sections, or do a search, and you'll see all the old apps are still there.
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    even better.....checked the app catalog in Canada lately....down to 30 apps!!!!!

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