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    Dear all Pre-Owners and Lovers.

    I've been waiting for an official release of the Palm Pre, well now it would be the Palm Pre Plus, here in Switzerland.

    Unfortunatly the 3 and only Providers here have no clou and seem not to be interested in getting the Palm thourgh there Service.

    Yes you can buy it through some distributors that bought them over in Germany which then is an o2 Pre. But there have been problems and so forth.

    So now I am looking for an E-Mail address at Palm to somehow ask and note that, besides North America, UK and Germany there bunch of other Countries that are tired of owning an iPhone (me i.E) and wait for the Palm Pre.

    So if anyone of you knows where to send such and e-mail please let me know.

    Thanks in advance
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    try this one...

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