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    I know this is the GSM section, but I can say that Sprint hasn't pushed anything out yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maarek View Post
    Get Terminus from preware, then run it and do the following:

    1)type ls press return and look for the name that is something like
    2) type in that name, a space, and then uninstall and press return...ex uninstall
    3) a bunch of text will go by and it may pause at some point... if it does for a little while, press return and keep pressing return for each line until you see a message saying the phone is going down for a reboot.
    4) You should now be unpatched.
    Now my Pre is slow again...thanks for your help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spader View Post
    1.4.1 to come out on 1/4/10? Coincidence?

    Yeah, probably.

    Let's hope it's not an April fools! BTW happy Cesar Chavez day!
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    for all Bell customer like my self don't wait up... Cause it will take us a few weeks before we get it...
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    Just uninstall my 720mhz patch ready for update ! \Would I have to reinstall all my preware patches after ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by troyerse View Post
    I'm not holding my breath.

    that's a big +1
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    Glad to be able to help...I was in the same boat.
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