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    According to this article, Appcelerator surveyed over 1,000 developers to determine their interest in developing apps for different mobile platforms. They had this to say about WebOS:
    Quote Originally Posted by Appcelerator
    At only 14% claiming that they are very interested in WebOS, Palm is clearly seeing waning interest among developers.
    This is down from 17% in January indicating Palm's (and therefore WebOS') window of opportunity may have passed.
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    Not enough apps > no sale > no sales > no interest from developers > not enough apps > no sale > no sales > no interest from developers > not enough apps > no sale > no sales..

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    It doesn't help that so many people are looking for "free" apps. Sure, I'm cheap too, but it we want developers to develop for WebOS, we need to spend a few dollars for the apps, especially the good ones.

    Heck, even downloading the free ones, even if you are only slightly interested, can make a difference. The more downloads the developers see, the more work they will do for WebOS.
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    Looks like a whole lot of developers are missing out on free money via the Hot Apps program.
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    Some other interesting commentary in that report:

    One counterpoint to this trend is that Appcelerator‟s anecdotal feedback seems to indicate that Android is being chosen as the second platform to support in the majority of cases. So while developers are nearly equally interested in both, if push comes to shove, iPhone is still clearly the „go-to‟ platform for any major mobile campaign.
    While iPhone, Android and iPad are still the top application development candidates for developers, two platforms have made significant inroads with developers. Blackberry has doubled from 21% developer support in January to 43% in March, while Windows Phone has nearly tripled from 13% to 34%. Both vendors have announced major improvements to their device capabilities during the first quarter, which is clearly translating into market opportunity for developers.
    WebOS dropped off during the same period suggesting that developers do not see many business opportunities on WebOS - I would guess that next set of figures are going to be worse as the financial problems of the company scare off more developers.
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    webOS still lacks complete APIs and full access to hardware, PIM data, OS, and filesystem in the SDK and PDK. I would guess developers may be waiting or have given up.


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