View Poll Results: If I don't get access to paid apps...

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  • - I wouldn't be surprised

    21 35.00%
  • - Too bad, but I'm happy using Preware/Homebrew etc

    8 13.33%
  • - I'm dropping Palm in favor of a phone WITH apps

    11 18.33%
  • - I'm hacking my way into the official App Catalog

    5 8.33%
  • - I'll get my the apps I want some other way

    15 25.00%
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    Yes, you've got the right Sorry.
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    I can't enter payment details because I can't choose Poland as a billing country. I will try in the evening with my uncle card from UK.
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    I got my Palm Pre as a Palm addict and not being able to install anything on my company Blackberry. If i just wanted to call I would use my company phone. I want all the opportunies the Palm is capable off. Otherwise I think i'll just sell my Palm Pre and buy something else with possibilities and the opportunity to actually use them. Who knows, I might even get an iPhone!!!!!
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    I'll probably screw Pre and get Nexus Two, when (and if) it arrives in Europe...I paid Palm and i don't enjoy what i got a smartphone for: apps...
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    Me to, I am from Switzerland on swisscom. Just free apps since the initial purchase of the pre from digitec (O2). This was months ago and I am still waiting for paid apps after this update to 1.4.1. For me as a long time palm and treo user this attitude of palm is hard to believe.
    What are they waiting for to open that treasure to the whole world? I always thougt just bankers could be so arrogant and far off the reality. This joke is unreal!
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    You are lucky. Because of you can download free application, at least. I can not download any free apps from App Catalogue. ):
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