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    So I;ve had my pre since launch and still have an issue with the calendar that I haven't yet figured out a solution to yet.

    Prime example is birthdays. I set up close friends birthdays as "all day events" in the calendar but the alarm feature is not customizeable at all for "all day events"

    For example, one of my friend's birthday is Mar 15th. I have an entry for "Joe's Bday" on Mar 15th. I obviously want to be reminded ON Mar 15th at a time that I'm actually awake that it is Joe's birthday, preferably in the afternoon or evening of the 15th so that I would have free time to call him and wish him happy bday. However, the calendar app sends me a reminder for an "all day event" while I'm fast asleep at midnight on the 14th, a whole 36 hours before I need to be informed of the actual birthday. I end up waking up, swiping away the reminder which takes up screen space, only to forget a day later that it is Joe's bday and end up havin to make the "happy belated" call. There is no way I've found a fix for this to tell me without setting up the event as a timed event, which it shoudl NOT be since the whole day is Joe's bday. My basic treo 755 calendar app WAS able to let me know of someone's bday during awake hours. Has anyone run into this issue and/or found a solution to it?
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    Why not just put the birthday in your calendar at noon instead of an all day event? Problem solved.
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    Short of setting it up as an event <24hrs, it's not possible. Why not just set it up as a 12 or 23hr event or whichever time frame it currently allows you to set a reminder? 23hr 59min event will allow it if it's that crucial to you.

    Otherwise, you'll have to send Palm an email asking for that type of customization.
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    I set up things like this as a 5 minute event (using Google Calendar) in a calendar called Reminders. I choose a time appropriate for whatever it is, and just keep hitting Snooze until I complete it.
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    There is an easy way, if you use a Google account:

    Just put the birthdates for your contacts in the birthday field in Contacts itself. (This also works for anniversaries).

    Then, login to Google Calendar, add calendar, special interest, "Contacts Birthdays & Anniversaries" - this is a special calendar automatically created by Google, which shows all your contacts birthdays as an all day event, which automatically now shows up in the calendar app on the phone.

    The best part: if you delete a contact ('cos u don't wanna know her anymore :-) their reminder automatically vanishes.

    It was even simpler for me, as I use CompanionLink for Google, so I could enter the birthdates into the contacts on the Palm Desktop itself, then sync.

    Neat !
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