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    Alright.. it's been a week since I ran down and dumped my Pre for the HD2. Bottom line is if I could snap my fingers and everything back to 8 days ago I probably would.
    All I can say is Webos is by far the best phone os there is.. bang the gavel. THe HD2's hardware compared to the Pre pretty much makes the difference to me though. I'm gonna call it a draw.. but not from the start.. I had a bit of buyers remorse but after a few days of customizing and rom loading I've got this HD2 just about as good as it can get.. webos still quite a bit better still though. I do like having Flash 10.1.. via Skyfire for and hulu etc.. also Slingplayer .. Kinoma.. snes/nes/psx emulators + the huge capacitive multi touch screen rocks! Still bottom line I'd load a webos rom on the baby in about 2 seconds if I could.
    If I had to do it again I would have probably waited at least long enough to find out specs of the Pre2 before I took the jump.
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    I'm surprised anyone has the HD2 considering it lacks WM7 compatibility.
    Hardware is no question amazing, but you can't really -do- anything with it since there isn't much in terms of useful applications / impressive games on WM6.x.

    The only promising point is if the Android port is fully successful. I think right now it lacks GPS / Sound (big point) / battery recharging and bluetooth.
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    You should've waited til the EVO came out, better specced than the HD2 and it runs Android which I've just gotten accustomed to on my friend's Droid. I'm holding out til the EVO but hopefully a Pre 2 comes out before then.
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    Interesting. Many times I've thougt about dumping the Pre too, but I know I'll regret it if I do. That HD2 does look pretty cool, I just don't think I could leave the physical keyboard, and I like the size of the Pre. The hardware doesn't bother me at all, but I guess that makes me one of the few. When it comes down to it, I guess there just is no perfect phone. Thanks for the info.
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    Thanks man for the review, great to know
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    i went to tmobile to see the HD2 in person...last weekend. that thing is HUGE (in an akward way). no way am i getting the EVO...its like holding a mr. goodbar, except less delicious
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    I am most likely dumping the Pre for the Evo, just have had enough with the Pre. I miss a lot of calls including a very important business call today. Also I took some videos of my 2 year old the other day and I wanted to show them to his grandma today to find out they were gone, that pretty much made me realize that the Pre is not for me.
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    The guys over on the xda-developer forums successfully loaded WM7 on the HD2.
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    The guys over on the xda-developer forums successfully loaded WM7 on the HD2.
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    You should be able to get windows mobile 7 on your phone soon, not officially, but through mods,ect.

    As for the size of this phone, its not THAT big.

    I will be switching to the EVO, not because i'm annoyed or frustrated with the PRE, but because this phone is just AWESOME.
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    You should be able to get windows mobile 7 on your phone soon, not officially, but through mods,ect.

    As for the size of this phone, its not THAT big.

    I will be switching to the EVO, not because i'm annoyed or frustrated with the PRE, but because this phone is just AWESOME.
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    hulu? Last I checked hulu definitely does not work on skyfire.
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    as far as no good games or apps.. I've got most the apps I liked from the pre.. I've got Slacker, Pandora, Opera 10(which is better than pre's web brower IMO), Google maps, a great XMradio app, Youtube app just as good, Skyfire(dx10.1 kinda), Kinoma, Slingplayer, Office 10 mobile, Netflix. The camera is definitely better 5mp and an awesome dual led flash, also does better video, and GPS works great.. I use TomTOm mobile.. it does come with it's own Gps software. I do like the sprint nav just as much. Gameloft is making games for Winmo..also Star trek.. prince of persiaHD , Spore, some racing games etc.. I agree the graphics on some aren't that great .. but I do have the psx emulator.. Megaman 7.. RE3.. Quake 2.. Diablo.. Gex.. Croc,Castlevania SOTN, Rayman.. tons of them and you can buy them for $5-$10 at your local used game store and rip them in 5 minutes. The bottom line is webos interface is way better... sorry for the long post..
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    I'm watching "the cleveland show" on my HD2 right now on Hulu right now with Skyfire, works great!

    EDIT: .. I'll upload a video from my Pre and link it here to show how well it works...

    EDIT AGAIN!! .. OK uploaded the video via the Pre.. video came out pretty fuzzy but it gets the point across . Just search tri0xin in youtube and it's at the top.. that's if I can get the link posted
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    I sold my HD2 months ago and went Pre. No regrets.
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    I dumped my Pre for the HD2 and I am more than satisfied. The HD2 is a great device, much better than the Pre, and Windows Mobile 6.5 is also very good for power users. Before you start the rant, here are my priorities when using a mobile device:
    • Great Internet browsing experience - The HD2 has a great screen and a very good browser
    • Great Exchange Support - Windows Mobile offers the best Exchange Support
    • Great PIM support - I have Pocket Informant running...enough said
    • My mobile device should be an extension of my desktop - Windows Mobile is really great at that
    • Videos/Photos/Music should all work great - Watching movies on my HD2 is really amazing
    • Ability to fully customize the OS - Windows Mobile is really great in that respect
    • Availability of all kinds of apps - Windows Mobile has more than 30,000 apps available, even if you don't know that
    • Multitasking - The HD2 has enough RAM to allow many apps running at a great speed at the same time. WebOS has a great multitasking interface but apart from that it suffers from slow html rendering of all non native apps and memory leaks.
    • Speed - I can't even start comparing the HD2 to the Pre in terms of speed

    I am not interested in games, so if you are then Windows Mobile is certainly not for you.
    Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't dead. It will be with us for at least a year, since Microsoft will support it. There will also be new devices coming this year running Windows Mobile 6.5. Of course the OS will eventually die, but if I may say so, Palm will die before that...
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    Quote Originally Posted by richc3 View Post
    I'm surprised anyone has the HD2 considering it lacks WM7 compatibility.
    my thoughts exactly. That said there is NO windows phone even the upcoming wm7 phone that interest me. it's not my cup of tea so i'm surprised anyone would be interested.
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    Bought my daughter (she's entering college next year) an HD2.

    Really hot phone. Serious.

    Im NOT a Windows Mobile 7 fan, at all, and I don't like the way MS is going with it (no copy and paste? pullease!) I found the interface more than confusing, and less than aethetically pleasing. They lost me as a possible user. The HD2, is, I believe, the best WinMo phone that will exist, and will likely be the last. Just my opinion, though. Yours may differ.

    WinMo 6.5 is excellent, and the HTC sense UI on top of it really does add lots of usability. For her, coming from a Sidekick, its perfect.

    IE has Flash, but Opera doesnt (and is the native browser). There are only a few areas where multi-touch zoom works natively, and I will have to install some tweaks for her, but, all in all, she loves it.

    As for me.. Im still using my Treo 650, with the Teal OS interface on it (that isnt available any more, because Palm told them to cease distributing it last year). For me, a physical keyboard is way more productive, and despite the small screen and inferior graphics and web capaiblities, I DO get a semi-WebOS experience, and it has me completely hooked and spoiled.

    Im waiting for an unlocked GSM WebOS phone to evaluate. It might not even be the Pre, it may be thier next generation phone, but, honestly, while the HD2 hardware is impressive, it is, to me, still too uninutitive/abstract "software-wise" to be usable for my purposes, and the lack of a physical keyboard is the final deal breaker for me.
    "The more I learn, the more I realize just how little I really do know!" -Albert Einstein

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    You better be prepared for HULU to be blocked on Skyfire. They've done it several times in the past and it's likely they will do it again. For some odd reason they don't want mobile using HULU. HD2 is a beautiful phone, but WinMo is a major fail IMO. WP7 will be awesome and they are planning on adding cut & paste. It just won't be available when the phone releases.
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