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    Just from looking at the bracket, does this mean we are facing the HTC HD 2 tomorrow? If that's the case, lets get another victory and move on to the finals..

    March Smart Phone Madness Game 12: Motorola Droid vs. HTC Hero
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    Vote hero. If that can beat droid are work is done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    Vote hero. If that can beat droid are work is done.
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    Just voted for the Hero. And if I'm not mistaken, yesterday's battle had about 20K votes by this point, while they're struggling to break 10K votes. I'm feeling good for our chances.
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    I voted for Hero because it's a sprint phone but isn't the Hero a droid also?
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    no way should we ever lose to a windows mobile phone.
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    The Hero is an Android phone just like the Droid is, but, truth be told, the Droid is way more powerful and better than the Hero. So of course, we are voting for the Hero now so that when the time comes that the Pre is facing off against the Hero, we can all vote for the Pre and kill the Hero!

    What Windows Mobile phone are you talking about jwinn35?
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    the droids going to win... I'm not surprized..
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    They still haven't broken 10K votes total. And the HTC HD2 won with only around 1700 votes, if I'm not mistaken.

    So, I'm predicting that the Pre will stomp the HD2 and the Blackberry Tour will demolish the Droid, to set up a BB-Palm rematch. We'll need to bring our A game for sure...
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    Im guessing no one here really cares to vote for the hero in order to get the droid out the way
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    I voted Droid just because it's a better phone...
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    i voted hero
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    Poor little Hero, It reminds me of the little engine that could.
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    The hero needs some of that precentral love right about now lol, Android sucks.
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    Ah, so if we vote for the Hero now, it'll be up against the Pre later--rather than the somewhat formidable Droid?
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    wow the pre is wining so far, lets keep it up guys we can do this

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