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    Hey everyone... Like a lot of folks I am trying to add a couple pre's to my family and RS has a FANTASTIC price on pre's currently. Sadly an old mgr I worked for at one told me today he hunted throughout most districts to find me one and was unsuccessful. I was told the Pre and Pixi both had been completely pulled from their next planogram!!!

    Now I get to find a place to get one with a 2year and not sign away my arm and one of the twins just to get another phone. It's crappy that out-the-door on these is still 249$ with a lovely wait-4+-week MIR.

    Anyone have any input?? You would think having been a customer for 10 years and on no current contract they would want to renew my line and gain 2 new.... Sheesh.
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    My buddy in NY just picked up 2 new pre's from radio shack last week and there promotion was free.. Long way off the $299 i paid in June....
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    They still have them on their website too. No worries. Upgrade price is the same there... I think.
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    Im sad to say this but its true, I work for a radioshack cell phone kiosk inside sams club (aka crappy costco) i didnt see any on our shipping invoice for this week.
    We only have a few left in our store and i think once we sell them that will be it. Sucks too cuz i love the pre and recomend it to all my customers. Unfortuneatly over half get returned cuz of hardware issues and they end up going with the hero or a BB cuz they have solid hardware. I think that is why radioshack is going to stop carrying them cuz they cant afford all these returns and chargebacks

    Edit: just checked and the planagram has been updated and the pre and pixi have been put back on. I dont know whats going on now lol.
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    True. The SHACK is discontinuing the Pixi and Pre. Though Best Buy stills has them both in stock sans mail-in rebates, though not nearly the same price as SHACK. Pre and Pixi will both be FREE at SHACK while supplies last, which does not appear to be very long (another week or so I would guess). Apparently they need to make room for Rumor Touch (two colors), the red 8530, and the return of mobile broadband devices.
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    My guess is that Verizon's Pre+/Pixi+ exclusive is ending, thus back Pre/Pixi inventory is being cleared out in anticipation of the replacement models and associated advertisements/displays.

    ..Just for ultimate clarification, by replacement models, of course, I'm referring to the Sprint/AT&T Pre+, and not some unknown wonderphone.
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    It doesn't sound like we have a consensus as there seems to be conflicting info. What"s the truth????
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    They still have them on their website too. No worries. Upgrade price is the same there... I think.
    Yeah good luck with that one... the Pre is not listed at all on the site...
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    If anyone out there can check with their local RS for me.... and can find me ONE palm pre... paypal says I have a few bucks with your name on it...! Please let me know asap... email me at please.

    That is, if I don't find it first... and when you let me know which store has one, and I am able to call and verify with them that they do in-fact have one left, and will ship it to my local store, I will make it worth your time. Thanks!
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    They better get a new phone out and give away the existing Pres/Pixis for free.
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    normally when a phone is discounted to 0 at radio shack that means they are going to discontinue the phone. i dont think it was selling well.
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    Oh dear, I hope not. I'd imagine certain regions decided to stop though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossm812 View Post
    Yeah good luck with that one... the Pre is not listed at all on the site...
    I would not have posted it if it weren't so at the time.
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    Here is a screenshot- if available you mean, is listed but 0 products lol.
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    Best Buy will price match radio shack price of free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNONI78 View Post
    Best Buy will price match radio shack price of free.
    No sir... I already went that route... neither best buy nor corporate store will help me out... best they can do is 249.99 out the door with mir at sprint, or 149.99 out the door at Best Buy...
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    No big deal, but there was quite clearly a picture of the Pre earlier. Like I said, I wouldn't have posted it if it weren't there.
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    It would have been nice to get a Pre for free.
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    The Best Buy in Columbus OH did a price match and my ex wife purchased a palm pre at 79.99. Then 2 weeks later it was free at radio shack and they gave her back the 79.99 she paid for it. I was with her when she did this and all Best Buy did was call radio shack to confirm the price. The whole process took like 5 minutes.
    I would post the receipt but like I said EX
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    yeah the one around here in Des Moines, Ia simply said their tied to sprint directly and rs gets special kickbacks on their phone (bs so do they).... And they refused to do anything for me. :/
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