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    I was at work today reading about the Pre Plus winning the poll against Blackberry. I thought I'd go over and see what the other team thought and maybe try and do what I think they do to us at Precentral.

    So I started asking questions and the next thing I knew I could hear crickets....

    I'm sure that eventually someone will chime in and try to aswer my question, but I think it's funny that after 7 hours nobody at crackberry has had anything to say. It's probably safe to say that they will figure out I was messing with them but I don't care.

    Check it out:
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    lmao, That was toooo good, they still didn't answer you. i think they are on to you lmao, total silence after that
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    If you want real answers, you have to ask people who have used both extensively. I have used Blackberries for work for the last 8 years or so (since before they were Blackberries), and before I got the Pre I had a Pearl for my personal use.

    Security, tried-and-true integration with corporate e-mail/calendar/network, BBM, big keyboards are all major reasons why I prefer Blackberry to Pre. I have not used any of the Blackberries that use the newer OS, but I have just as many UI complaints with both OS4 and WebOS. Neither are really polished.

    However, I couldn't take the slowness and bulk of the Blackberry anymore for a cell phone. I was sick of the keyboard on the Pearl, and the Pre seemed like the perfect compromise between size and ease of typing. The Internet browser on the Blackberry is totally ****ty, too. Love having the "real" internet on my phone now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speebs View Post
    Security, tried-and-true integration with corporate e-mail/calendar/network,.
    I wish someone would explain this to me.
    I am hooked up to my company's server and recieve all emails about 5 seconds after they are sent. I think thats pretty fast.
    My schedule is all done on Outlook (exchange) and everything is synched perfectly.

    Does Bb do this differently?

    *I'm being serious, I'll keep the sarcasm for

    Can someone tell me the difference in the way that my pre is hooked up to a server and the way a Bb would be?
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    actually, one of things that are preventing me from dropping the Pre is the email app, I really do like it.

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