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    Here's the way I see it:

    Palm hasn't gone anywhere yet. They've got at LEAST a year of funds left, and they've got their Elevation Partners sugar daddies for maybe an extra year if things continue bad. If things turns up, remember, Elevation Partners said they're committed to webOS being a 10-year investment.

    One year can definitely turn things around. Undoubtedly Palm's been working on a lot of things at once. I think it's safe to say they won't be just sitting there twiddling their thumbs.

    I the next 4 months alone:
    • Devices coming to SFR
    • Devices coming to AT&T
    • Devices coming to China Telecom (this could be HUGE in getting rid of old inventory)
    • 1.4.1 update and probably another update, perhaps 1.5
    • International App Catalog (wasn't that scheduled today?)
    • PDK apps (this will be HUGE boost to App catalog; I've heard MANY devs waiting with completed PDK apps)

    And chances are there'll be another high-end device this year. It'll be especially exciting to see how Palm might compete with the HTC Evo and the rumoured iPhone HD
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    You tell em Jason. Hopefully this'll end all these Threads about how bad Palm is doing blah blah blah. Personally all these threads should be moved to the Palm General Talk section.
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    Palm has just made so many bad moves and have had so much bad luck that's actually been publicized. The main thing is that the non palm folks are really feeling threatened now because they know webos really is the $%*!. It can only get better from here. China is a new start for Palm. Don't they have more people in that country anyway? That's a gold mine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I really vacillate on this subject. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to make a prediction right now, I'd probably say that Palm will be acquired for their patent portfolio and/or webOS. The cards are really, really stacked against them, and they were royally screwed by both Sprint and Verizon. I'm not saying that Palm didn't make mistakes themselves, but I believe they did more things right than wrong and without horrible support from the carriers could be in a solid position today.

    The reason I feel this way at the moment (and, I could change my mind again tomorrow with some better news) are the rumors around the new iPhone likely to be released in June, increasingly powerful Android handsets, and Windows Phone 7. It's not that these are better than webOS and even the Pre (which I find to be a great design and quite competent even today), it's simply that they're stealing whatever mindshare might have been left for Palm. And the tech and mainstream media simply refuse to acknowledge Palm other than to report on the company's imminent demise.

    I think the only chance Palm has left revolves around these elements:

    1. They need to get the update out that supports wide distribution of PDK apps. Android is catching up fast, and Palm needs developers to start reaping the benefits of making and selling PDK apps immediately to keep momentum in the developer community.

    2. They need to announce an absolutely fabulous piece of hardware no later than June and release it no later than July. I think that with the right hardware, Palm might actually get the press to take notice. The media loves a feel-good come back story almost as much as they like to bury a company with doom and gloom.

    3. They need to release on Sprint to leverage the hype around 4G and grab those instant upgraders. However, they need to release on AT&T and Verizon within three months following the Sprint rollout, with a device that supports LTE.

    I could be entirely wrong with everything I've written here. I have no special knowledge (other than a career in marketing and sales) to contribute. But, this seems pretty obvious to me. If #1-#3 don't happen, then I think Palm becomes a very attractive takeover target by the end of the summer. And they could still get acquired sooner by someone wanting to grab their patent portfolio.

    As I've mentioned in a number of other posts, I really want Palm to survive because they're dedicated to making great smartphones. That's unlike Apple, who wants to build consumer products serving up media, and Google, who wants to drive people to Google properties so they can sell ads. A pox on the both of them.
    I very much agree with you wynand. However, I think I disagree with you on the Sprint release. Direct competition against the EVO would be unwise I think. Hardware wise, the EVO is going to be very hard to beat and being on even terms with it won't generate enough sales considering that the EVO will most likely be release in May or early June.

    I think Palm has to release on VZW, before the iPhone with super hardware with LTE support. Looking at VZW's up coming phones they have nothing that will compete with a new iPhone or the EVO, unless the rumor that the iPhone is releasing on VZW is true. If Palm can get VZW FULL in store support and good marketing, I think they might have a chance to turn things around. But Palm's window is rapidly closing and frankly Palm needs a lot of luck at this point.
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    All that will happen if they don't get bought out id they go private with no equity and start from scratch (just like they have before).

    If they want a quick fix, license out webos to other manufacturers. If they want to go long term, look for a buyer.

    There was a post before about if microsoft took them over. If that's the case, I would expect to see palm as a subsiduary and not part of the company. It would then allow palm to develop webos and microsoft would also have the option to put winmo on palm phones. It would eat money but then microsoft would get some, if not all, of the revenue created by palms userbase as well as their own winmo phones.
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    Palm has been "terminal" for as long as I can remember (>12 years at least!)...they just keep on enjoy your phone & the apps that are currently available. They will continue to update & bring along new features.

    Inspite the above remarks, I have wondered if the world might be going the way of an "android" phone....but I'm happy with my Pre & plan to continue to use it as long as I can....ride the wave baby!!!
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