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    I use my phone alot... so that may make me a power user.

    But, i stuck with the 800mhz patch on until they came out with the kernel's for 1.4 because i was just that used to it. I really enjoy the 800mhz kernel, makes everything just move faster. It will heat up under heavy usage (charging while on wifi running games and web browsing) but other than that, if you do normal day to day usage, heat is not an issue.
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    I was on 800 MHz but switched back to 500 after a couple of days. I didn't notice that much of a speed difference with the new kernel, and didn't feel that what difference there was was worth the possibility of lowering the life of the phone, when we have no clear guidance on that.
    Also, I felt slightly uncomfortable with having to remove the patch to update webOS whenever a new version is available, and then wait around for the new version of the patch to be updated, tested and released. Considering we get a webOS update every month or so, that adds up to a fair amount of hassle.
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    Nope, you're not alone. I'm still running 500 as well.
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    Define power user. I don't use any patches, and certainly not the overclock ones. But I have 6 email accounts; uploads videos on Facebook; during working hours I have email, calendar, task, craigslist, a music player all active; at night I search and watch YouTube on Pre; Use Flickr Addict to change download photos and change backgrounds every hour; long time Dr Podder user, listen to Palm Cast and watch video pod cast; Read eBooks on pReader and Free Books; have a laugh looking at Comics; Use Google Voice (saddly has to use the web version now); and read and reply in forims like this.

    I guess my point is that Pre has a lot of value for power users without patches. All the patch works are great and thank the developer doing all the work.
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    I am waiting for 1.4.1 to ensure the OC works with it. My waiting for that gives enough time for any other issues (bricking, overheating, instability, etc) to crop up.
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    I wouldn't consider myself a power user (what ever that is) but I'm still at 500. I might install the patch after 1.4.1 comes out which is supposed to soon.

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    I loved running the 600 patch I noticed a difference and would not want to go back to 500.. I have been running the 800 patch since 24 hrs after public release. My phone has run better and more stable usually around 30 degrees unless I tax it with streaming and tether while charging on touchstone.. I don't notice battery difference and will live with 600 when 1.4.1 comes out just because I hope Palm will unlock the true speed of this device.. My opinion is to go for 600( less stress on the device) and remove it before next update to see stock improvement.... Once you do see 600 you'll probably try 800 anyway...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoraWare View Post
    Hey All,

    So I'm basically a "power user" with my Pre. On top of being a developer I also spend a lot of time hanging out in the shell. A while back I was even experimenting running X11 apps via VNC (running a local server). I eventually quit playing with that stuff due to the incredible strain my poor little Pre had. I *could* successfully chat/send files using Pidgin or X-Chat. But it was a bit laggy for me. Anyhow, back to the point at hand here. I've never ran anything past 500mhz, I could probably install any of them with my eyes closed, I just keep hesitating to do so. Am I the only one in this boat or are there other "power users" out there still running at stock speeds? I was thinking of at least taking the plunge to 600 since so many people are running at 800 without issue but then I think... well why not 800 then? What do you guys think?

    - Phil -
    We even say a twitter post from a Palm employee that installed the faster kernel. You may well be the last person running at 500mhz.

    Oh, there may be a couple of others, but yo uare a dying breed! (grin)
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    I too am still at 500. Part of it is 1.4.1 coming out soon, and not wanting to bother to do any uninstall beforehand. But I'm also not convinced about what the 720 and 800 might do to the CPU, over time.

    I know people aren't having big heat issues at the moment (well, most people) with the new kernels. But since that is (a) measuring the heat sensor in the battery, I'm pretty sure and (b) not the only measure of CPU wear and tear, I just don't want to chance it.

    I hope to keep this defect-free Pre til November, when my upgrade rolls around. But I admit, I've been sorely tempted to take 800 out for a spin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocOx View Post
    But I admit, I've been sorely tempted to take 800 out for a spin.

    it's worth it
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    This is my first week on 800 and I'm loving it! It's like I just purchased a brand new Pre Plus Plus! A little more heat when doing navigation and email and web browsing, but then again I CAN DO EMAIL, WEB AND NAVIGATION AT THE SAME TIME SMOOTHLY! hehe
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    Still running stock speed. Really want to upgrade but just nervous by nature.
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    Forgive me if I'm ignorant to the situation but do any of these patches utilize the GPU I keep hearing about or is it moot at this point?
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    I'm still at 500. A few weeks ago I had some issues with some homebrew software and patches and had to do the Dr. I've remained stock ever since. I decided it was more important to me to have a device that is going to last a while (and that Palm will stand behind) than to go faster. I'm sure it's a more enjoyable experience, but there's no free lunch. (At least not on average.)
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    I don't find my phone slow at the regular clock.
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    In all honesty I find the Pre runs just fine at 500. I really don't have any issues and I usually have a half dozen things open most of the time. I don't need more speed at the sacrifice of battery power and the chance that the CPU might burn out. Hell...given the notification customizations that came with 1.4 I haven't even had the need to installed Preware again...yet (I doctored to 1.4).
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    yeah speed isnt my need. i want better chat. less battery drain. proper push you know!?!
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    Extreme Power user here and not OC'd. Actually since 1.4, most of the patches I used were added to the OS so I only use about 7 currently. As for the speed, I watched that 800mhz video many times and even in 1/16 speed and confirmed that my Pre snaps through the launcher and opens apps in 1 "pulse" of the pre-load card just like his did. The only difference I was able to realistically measure was the Music app which mine was 2.37 seconds slower queuing up.
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    I think you should at least jump to 600mhz or 720Mhz just to test the waters. I was a little hesitant to try the 800mhz kern, but i took the jump the other day and WOW. Its amazing how more productive the phone feels just by opening and processing apps quicker. The scrolling on long lists in any app has improved significantly. I mean its like one of those those things where it feels like thats how the phone was initially supposed to operate. Its basically like going from a vista to windows 7, (not the best comparison but eh, it just feels lighter is what i'm trying to say)

    But it was a little finicky at times, but nothing compared to how it would freeze and get glitchy on me at 500mhz. Anyways the thing i will admit is the overheating part is an issue, its so wierd though how it only happens when you have a constant stream of data (playing an online game like "Word Ace" or downloading big game files) and it gets scary hot. Battery drain seemed like a bit too much of a sacrifice on my pre at least

    So i'm going to test the 720mhz see if thats any better as far as heat and battery life issues... but i definitely would recommend you try it out if you have the time and are able to risk it of course. :]
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    I had the 600mhz patch installed for quite awhile. There is no secret that the battery life is not that great, but with the 600mhz patch, it was even worse. I don't understand the people that say even with the 800mhz patch that they notice no difference in battery life. I would lose 10% like it was nothing.. Just doing basic things on my phone. Needless to say, I am back to 500mhz and am actually happy with the crappy, yet better battery life.

    Like others have mentioned, you do notice an obvious speed improvement, but I spend a lot of time away from a power outlet sometimes, and it was not possible to keep any of these patches installed.
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