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    Not at all... I can't imagine waiting an extra 6+ months for a phone that has a bit more memory and more storage and a plan that costs something like 1.5x what a sprint plan costs. Yes I would be happier if the build quality of my phone was better, but I'll be perfectly content if a Pre 2 or some other webos device with much better specs comes out for sprint this year.
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    I would feel that way but everyone around me has the Pre from sprint. Mine has been a gem since launch day. Recently overclocked it and it's new phone. Can't miss what I don't know, right? The only thing I would really like from the Plus versions is the storage capacity. I have tons of music on mine and have to swap out old for new all the time.
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    I still have my first Pre from September and I love it. No hardware issues (knock on wood) and I kinda prefer the button on the bottom and the orange button and numbers. I don't feel shafted at all. Also with the exception of a few bugs on 1.4, the phone gets better with every update. So I'm quite satisfied for now an will most likely keep my Pre until the next big Palm phone arrives.
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    Shafted? No. I have had my Pre since launch day. Tech always gets better. That is life. I also prefer Sprint. The plan that I have is significantly less expensive than what a similar plan would cost with Verizon.

    When you sign a two-year contract, you will pretty much always spend that two years looking at new phones that come out that are faster/better/cheaper. I have learned to be happy with what I have...and pay less attention to such things...until the contract expires.
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    Nope, I don't feel shafted. I knew what I was getting myself into by being an early adopter. I love my phone so far and I can't wait to see what Palm has for its next phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nychump View Post
    I think the people who should feel the most shafted are the ones who bought into Palm's old products months before WebOS.

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    as a Palm user, We knew something was coming for over a year.
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    Shafted? No. But I would like to have the option of upgrading to the plus. I do feel like the plus should have been release from day one.

    I'm hoping that the next pre keeps the form factor and add 3.5" screen, glass LED Display, Titanium casing, better wider version of the pixi keyboard, 1ghz processor, and palm should add an on screen keyboard. And of course, BB like construction.

    With that said, I'm in love with my pre just as much as a teenage boy loves his right hand. Or maybe even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benly52 View Post
    It seems that the Pre Plus models for both AT&T and Verizon are twice as good as sprint's version and their build quality is superior..

    I wish sprint would release a palm pre plus model as well.
    Don't be fooled friend. The Pre Plus doesn't go without its flaws (GPS and the keyboard issues for example).
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    No way I feel shafted. The Pre has given me the most fun I've had,with my clothes on, in the last 9 months. I wouldn't trade it for any other phone.
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    I felted a little betrayed, not by Sprint, but by Palm. Sprint had nothing to do with Verizon getting the Plus. If Palm made the Pre Plus available to Sprint, they'd be selling it right now.
    Business is business, but still, Palm should have thought about us Sprint "guinea pigs" a little. I still feel that Palm will step up in the next few months with a new device for the Sprint users, as they have little choice in order to keep from hemorrhaging customers over to Android.
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    I had a pre, and it broke easily so I got a pixi. Then, I heard about the plus models and I was LIVID. We should get the next generation of palm phones first.
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    I'm on hold with Sprint (who is talking to Palm) right now....trying to get my 6th Pre to sign in to my Palm Profile....ah! She just popped in to say that the profile system seems to be down... MY ***** is that initially I could talk, surf the net, look at Google maps, WHILE getting nav instructions from Sprint Nav service; NOW, when talking I can't initiate anything else....and the Sprint tech I'm on hold with says that Sprint has never supported multi-tasking when your talking......*** !!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nychump View Post
    I wish they would rather release a completely new Pre 2 on sprint.
    +1 here too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by barkerja View Post
    Don't be fooled friend. The Pre Plus doesn't go without its flaws (GPS and the keyboard issues for example).
    that's just the VZ nav. Sprint Nav is works!
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    I felt shafted until my bill comes, then I would assume pre plus owners feel shafted.
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    Why would I feel shafted? My build quality (mid-Jan Pre) is perfectly fine. No issues whatsoever. I have never run out of memory. I welcome the OTA updates and I hope for a great sophomore release of a new design Pre sometime this year--but I am not really wanting for much.

    Yes, having read all the stories of cracks and whatnot, I am very gentle with my phone, but not much different that any other phone I've had. No protectors, case, etc, use in my pocket, and no scratches thus far. This summer will be the real test as my phones get heavy duty use out on the boat. Looking forward to piping Pandora through my boat stereo system. Set it and forget it!
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    The pre Plus has the same build quality as the pre. Both are prone to a wobble when closed.
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    I have enjoyed my Sprint Pre now for almost 10 months, every day I appreciate it more and more, wonderful software and the hardware is holding up fine. Sprint service has been great where I live and work (CA, AZ and NV) and has saved me a ton of money over my previous carrier (Verizon). Ditto for my 2 kids and their pres too.
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    yah i feel shafted, so iam probly gonna get a NEXUS ONE when those come out on sprint, unless palm makes something new - and i mean all around new, no cheap *** processor that barely keeps up with the competition, at least 1gb of ram (i mean come on now who puts such a low amount of ram in whats supposed to be a MULTI-TASKING machine), and maybe test the durability...... , that would be nice.....****in bad *** operating system though...imagine if it was backed by fast hardware, holy **** that would be badass, anyways ima proud owner of the pre, had mine since they came out, but i am getting tired of its slowness so yeah... palm needs a new device or im getting a nexus one.
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