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    I gave birth to a Pre. No, of course I am kidding because that would be painful being a man.

    Actually, after nine months of having this phone I just now noticed that in card view with multiple cards open you can just rest your finger on the edge of the screen and it will flip through the cards for you. Would have been nice if you guys told me earlier. Been sitting here doing it for 10 minutes now, may be time to get a little sleep in.
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    Nice to know.
    I am no longer a part of the Pre Central Community.
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    That is a pretty good tip...never noticed that before either.
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    That's cool.. never knew that trick.. I usually tap the bottom of the screen to turn the cards smaller so I can pound through the list quicker
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    Holy Crap! Nice find. I cant stop doing it now.
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    Actually there was a thread about that just last month. Really.
    Sorry, i meant to tell you, but i kept forgetting to.
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    I cannot duplicate this, where exactly should I rest my finger?
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    nice find!
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    WoW! I was able to get 8 cards open before the dreaded "TMC"
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    I cannot duplicate this, where exactly should I rest my finger?

    Slightly rest your finger on the sliver of the app that's not in view, only way I can describe w/o making a picture, lol.
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    how cool is that.. Had mine for 7 months and didn't know

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