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    Looks like my luck has run out with my launch day Sprint Palm Pre. I woke up this morning and for seemingly no reason, when I opened my slider there were two strands of thin metal peeking out and hanging down above my keyboard. I thought something in my pocket might have gotten jammed into the slider, but as I looked closer, I'm fairly certain it is actually part of the slider hardware. The thin metal piece can pivot from the end that is under the top half of the Pre. I've attached 3 photos I took with my wife's phone where I have rotated the metal in 3 different positions.

    Closing and reopening the slider, it feels very unusual. There is springiness in the slider that is not usually there and it is really scary to push on it to get it closed. The device is functioning properly for now other than the slider problem.

    I'm on vacation in another city. I went to the closest Sprint store, they sent me to a further Sprint store with a repair center. They took one look at it and asked how long I will be in town. I am heading home tomorrow. He explained that they aren't allowed to even open Palm phones and they can only order replacements and I would be better off waiting until I am home and going to a repair center there.

    I could have sworn I have seen this same issue in a story or at least a forum post here on PreCentral, but I searched all over and couldn't find anything. Anyone seen this before or have any good suggestions?
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    Wow, that's definitely not good. Hope they do a free warranty replacement for you!
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    do you get shocked if you touch it?
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    a little duct tape for stability, and you have a Pixi!

    Let us know how this turns out. I don't recall ever seeing a post like that. If it comes apart, be sure to post pictures so we can all see how the slider works.

    I hope that Sprint takes good care of you and provides a replacement quickly. I don't know how sprint support works, but with Verizon I would call them and they would have a replacement fedex-ed to be waiting at my door when I got home.

    I've had to do that several times over the years. Once with a Treo, and once with a Centro. Both times I was travelling on business and doing that meant I was only without a phone until I could get home.

    My USB port on my first Pre quit after a couple of days when I was travelling, and I went to a Verizon store in another state and they just gave me a new phone - because I had it less than 30 days.

    Their repair centers also carried spare phones for swap-out for repair customers, but I don't know if they stock the Pre. Hopefully your experience with SPrint will be just as good. Please post back with the results...

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