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    So I was running the other day and using Pandora. (I removed the headphones after I was done running.) After I'm done using it, I try to make a call, and I couldnt here anything through the ear piece.

    The only way I can use the phone is by putting it on speakerphone! I tried erasing Pandora, didnt work... Then I ran the EPR and did a partial erase on my phone, still couldnt make a phone call... As a last resort I ran the webOS doctor and yep, you guessed it, it still doesnt work properly!

    Im going to go into the Sprint store today to see if there is anything that they can do. I do have insurance on the phone.

    Any other ideas of what I could do to fix it before I go to the Sprint store??
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    If you insert headphones back into the phone does it work?

    If so try inserting and removing headphones in the jack a few times to get sound back. It's often best to have some music or something playing so you know the sound has come back through the speakers.
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    Yea when I insert the headphones back into the phone I can hear music (when using Pandora). When I take out the headphones out the music stops, I press play and the music wont go through the speaker...
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    Thanks, its fixed!
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    toothpick in headset jack, works every time

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