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    Ok so don't know why but normally when I dont get 3g signal (most of the time with o2...) I get edge, from my home or school etc, but today I only get "G" which is a lot slower then edge, and a lot lot lot slower then 3g.

    So i went to an area where i get full 3g signal, and turned the phone to "2g" only and even then I only got "g" signal not edge...any ideas? Or should I get my phone ready for another repair
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    i think it goes 3g > g > E
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    I had the same problem today, couldn't get a 3G reception or Edge just a G connection, couldn't log on to get my mail (other than WiFi), I just turned the pre off and it was fine after that, in my house I get just one bar for 3G while at work I get almost full bars odd as I live in London with loads of houses but I work near a major A road with few houses yet the 3G is better there!

    Which makes me think it's mainly just the naff 02 network...

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