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    You really did that?

    Do you know this nigerians are thieves,? that get all your information data to see a way to steal or use you, for dark things.

    I really hope I am wrong. Just be careful.
    But I thought everyone on the internet was trustworthy? Why would the Nigerians lie to me? I mean I did think it was weird that I never entered the Nigerian Lottery and they had me send the money to Joe Nigerian. You're just jealous that I'm going to be rich!

    I'm just kidding though... I would never do something as stupid as that lol
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    This morning I got a customer satisfaction survey asking me to rate how Palm handled the incident. On timeliness and courtesy I gave them 10's. On everything else such as addressing my issues, knowledge of person calling, etc, I gave them 0's.

    On the likelihood of recommending Palm to friends I gave them a 3. This is a hot button for Jon R.

    I suggest others send in the comments and concerns to the email address provided. We can start get more attention to these problems!
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