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    I'm getting ready to purchase a palm pre from verizon. Before I do though I have to have some details on tethering. Where I live our only option for internet is dial up or tethering with our phones. Right now I have a blackberry that I tether with. It came with VZ Access Manger cd in the box. I installed plugged her up and she was ready to go. I pay the additional 15 to use the tethering, which we use over a router. I've not been able to find much info on the wired USB tethering for the pre. All they want to talk about is the mobile hotspot, which I care nothing about. I like my setup now. So my question is can I USB tether with my pre still for 15 on verizon. Does it use the VZ Access Manager and come with the cd? Thanks for your info!!
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    The Pre has no hardware tethering built in, only WiFi on Verizon. Sprint doesn't have it at all. You can get MyTether, which will allow you to use USB, I believe it works on VZW phones.

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