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    Does temperature affect the responsiveness of the touchscreen? I was outside playing a few games. It was pretty cold outside <40 F. After a while, it got to the point where I had to press repeatedly to get a response from the touchscreen. Of course, my finger was getting cold too. Could it be that the touchscreen requires a warm finger to register it?

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    man, 40 F isn't even cold. I've confirmed the pre works in MINUS 40F. but yea, the nature of capacitive touch screens are that it does need a warmish type of finger, mostly because it's basically detecting some kind of conduction from skin. That's why you can't use capacitive screens with gloves on, or when your hands are cold.
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    Yep. If you plan on using any capacitive screen in the cold, you can buy gloves designed for that.
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    I received a call while skating in Lake Placid NY this February and the phone would not respond until I took off my gloves and warmed the face. Even then it was so slow, I missed the call. Temp was about 20 degrees and it was in the vest pocket of my outer jacket.

    Later, the screen was just flickering off and on for the next half hour or so until it warmed up inside a building. I could not check my voicemail until then. It was like a fancy brick. Next time, I'll leave it in an inner pocket.

    The phone has been fine ever since.

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