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    I have been wanting the Pre for 15 months and I've had one for two weeks now (I'm on Verizon). I owned a Treo 700p and 650 prior to a misbegotten year with a Samsung Omnia. I LOVE webOS (wish there were more apps, but that's really not a big deal - the importance is in the quality of the phone) and feel that it's the best damn OS out there.

    Here's the thing. When I bought this, I committed to another two years with Verizon (and since mine is the secondary line on the account, I really have to wait two years before upgrading again). I'm concerned about the ability of this phone to last two years. I know, I have insurance, I can pay another $80 in six months if this thing falls apart, but I look at my wife's Droid, and it just seems solid. Heck, my slider is already loose. I find myself waiting for the "oreo effect" and I just read about "the dreaded USB crack" and after struggling to put a case on that I bought on eBay (the Pre really is not built for cases), I wonder if I can make this phone last for two years, and how many times I will have to pay the insurance fee to get a new one, and when that will add up to more than I would have paid had I just traded it in for the Droid.

    I know that there are high passions in this forum, but I just want to hear from some like-minded people here who have also been on the fence about this. If you went through this struggle, what made you decide to keep your Pre and how long have you had it?

    Also, what's a good case for the thing?
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    I have had the same concerns, but I have Black Tie Protection on mine from Best Buy Mobile, so if anything happens to make the phone unusable, they will replace it with a new Pre Plus or a phone of my choice if the Pre is not available anymore. That piece of mind helps...
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    You've read too much. There are many more Pres that haven't had the oreo effect or cracks. Use your phone. Enjoy it. It's tougher than you think. There was a story on here about a guy that lost his in the snow in his driveway, didn't realize it, ran over it, and when the snow melted away, picked it up and started using it again.
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    Good case? Nice, solid top-opening case works fine for me. That's assuming you want it on your belt. Mine's some oddball I got for my old 650 a couple of years ago on sale, works fine.

    You've got a Verizon Pre, it's a newer build that's got some improvements. My Sprint Pre has passed the timeframe where most complaints seem to happen, no trouble at all. No, the slider isn't as solid as the Droid, but it's also narrower and vertical, instead of the landscape slider that can have wider rails. Pretty much any slider I've run across gets loose after awhile, my sis had a Decoy that was amazing, you could open the slider just by holding it upright. Didn't affect the functionality at all.

    If you've got the Touchstone charger (if you don't, go get it. You already have the back for the phone, the charger is pure awesome) and don't plug your phone into your computer multiple times a day, you won't have a crack issue.

    I think it's fine, not quite as solid as my old Treo's, but not flimsy either. Don't stress about things that haven't happened yet, about the only thing you'll accomplish is randomly twisting and pulling on the slider to see if it's got the oreo which case, you're going to get it. Can't blame Palm for that one, though.
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    In my opinion you have something to worry about. I have a Pre as does my wife and 3 other friends. Hardware failure rate between all of us has been 50%. We are just average people...Doctors, IT Guys, harder on our equipment than anyone else. This is the first phone in 15 years I have had to have repaired or replaced within the first 10 months of ownership. WebOS is terrific but Palm has screwed up on the hardware quality unfortunately.

    The good news is that Palm seems willing to replace failed units if you have problems with the carrier blaming you for cracks or other things.
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    Mine has already taken a swim and been dropped several times on concrete. Still going strong. I'm impressed.
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    Good to hear. I have a holster; what I neeed is a hard case. I'm intrigued by the Body Glove "nylon" hard case as well as this odd silicone/hard case hybrid I found on

    As I write this, I'm going through the multiple letter typing issue.
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    Mine has taken three falls - one in a parking lot, and twice on the hard floor of my daughter's school hallway. I freaked out each time, but the Pre+ is solid, it's still sturdy, has very little scarring (just a slight scratch on the corner, where it fell 'head' first in the parking lot ). I'm quite happy with how sturdy this Pre+ is.

    ETA: Each fall was from upper torso level, as I was 'typing' on it each time. Perhaps, I should watch where I'm going...or get velcro gloves.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    I fell over sideways on pavement a couple of weeks ago, Pre between my hip and the ground. Not a mark on it. Pretty impressive, considering I go 220 on a good day, and I landed hard.
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    I'll second the motion to use a Body Glove case if you are concerned about hardware longevity. I've dropped mine several times and each time the case did its job, so much so that the top half is no longer is usable. But the Pre remains unscathed.
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    These are very reassuring posts! Which Body Glove case do you use?

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