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    Quote Originally Posted by Verarb275 View Post
    I had the same issue this morning. Alarm didn't go off and i check it had reset to midnight. Did this happen for you this morning as well? maybe a date bug.
    DUDE. this happened to me. totally sucked. second alarm was fine, but first one reset to midnight.
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    Just be sure to have the little bell at the bottom right when you turn it on. Thats it problem solved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmzero View Post
    Just be sure to have the little bell at the bottom right when you turn it on. Thats it problem solved.
    Your right that works but previous to 1.4 you did not need to have the alarm icon visible 24/7 for the alarm to work properly.

    I think it is a bug and has something to do with Palms new handling of back ground apps.
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    My alarm reset itself to "ALARM" and "10:00AM"... I have to go in and rename, reset all my alarms again...

    kind of stupid, Palm needs to fix this Alarm issue
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    Never had any problems, except for once after I replaced my Pre, doctored it, then alarm synced and became off.
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    ppl should use REAL clocks if its something important they dont want to be late for
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    Quote Originally Posted by cnote1287 View Post
    ppl should use REAL clocks if its something important they dont want to be late for
    nice opinion -- want mine ? this is a REAL clock -- timepiece ap works great -- i never had any problems with the native ap either -- i can imagine that it would be frustrating if i did -- i have been using my phone as an alarm for years and have found them to be reliable -- i live in a rural area that suffers from power outages frequently so it is nice to have the phone's battery as a back up -- a REAL clock might fail me more often --

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    just wanted to chime in on this topic. I have a pre + running 1.4. I have 5 different alarms for each day M-F bc for class I have to be in at different times. I always keep all 5 alarms on and never turn them off. Last night I checked my alarm before going to bed to make sure it was set right. I always close the alarm card and swipe away the alarm symbol when I'm done and set it on the touchstone for the night. I woke up this morning and 4 of the 5 alarms had been turned off and reset to midnight, the other one was just fine. Also the battery was @ 100% and it was really hot (38 degrees C) & that is also unusual.

    I dont use my pre as my primary alarm, thank goodness, I just use it just incase the power goes out. Also this is the first time this has happened to be.
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    I have been using my Pre for an alarm clock now for 10 months and it has not failed me. I am on the Sprint network and never had a problem with inaccurate time either.
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    believe it or not i use a treo 650 as my alarm LoL hasn't failed me ever... BUT what i have noticed sometimes... is when you "wake" your phone up and you quickly look at the time... it's off and then less then a second while it's waking up goes to correct time... maybe it's my eagle eye.

    But small "smart" digital alarms for cheap are easy to come by and plop in a battery every 6 months.. granted the alarm should work regardless.. but it can't be trusted
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    I was having alarm issues as well, such as them not going off, or resetring themselves to strange times and the name 'alarm'. I think I may have solved my problems.

    First, turn every alarm you have off. This is important. Then delete every alarm. Now make all new alarms. This fixed the problem for me.

    if you delete the alarm while it's on, the pre will magically recreate it when you try to make a new alarm, and that alarm will be messed up too.
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    I have 3 alarms every day going off,and not once has it failed to go off,
    Guess i must be one of the lucky few.
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    i've used the default clock, and never had a problem with it. If its a big deal get a real alarm clock, the best one are the ones you wind, no worrying about electricity or anything they always ring when you tell them to, but they are LOUD they will abruptly wake you up, they don't care about your feelings lol. It's not a nice sound its a get the **** up!!! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by makokiller View Post
    how about getting a real alarm clock... ta da
    That's like saying "your Pre doesn't work? Get a real phone!"
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