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    I don't run that many apps at a time and I rarely run them for long before closing everything down before the Pre goes back on my hip. That said, I occasionally get the "Too Many Cards" message and know that all it takes is a soft reset and everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately, what happens is that even attempting to open the Device Info app causes the Too Many Cards message to display and the only recourse is to open the back and remove the battery. I think the solution is to add a soft reset option to the Too Many Cards message. If anyone out there has the interest and aptitude, I request this patch on behalf of all Pre owners.

    Thanks in advance to tackling this issue. Good Luck.
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    Umm.. I hold the on/off button down until the power options screen appears, and then do a restart from there.

    What exactly is a soft reset? Would that be quicker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ecoleye View Post
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    Exactly - already a soft reset function built into the OS.
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    Why don't you just download the "Advanced reset options" under preware. Upon holding the power button you get an option for a Luna Restart which is what you want if your getting the card error.

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