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    I've been running the 800mhz for about 3days now,speed incredible,smoothness awesome. My phone though seem to developed a severe heat problem,especially when log on the preware,and anything streaming. I'm going to downsize to 720mhz,and see how that work. Honestly! Is anyone else experiencing the same result from adding the 800mhz patch.
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    My Pre gets really hot without these patches so I have not tried them. Playing games, using MyTether and doing other things heat up my Pre enough. I can not imagine how much running these overclocking patches damage the Pre and shortens its usable life.
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    I'm getting extra heat but nothing too serious - the hottest my phone has gotten was 42C and that was when it was sitting on my touchstone.

    Then again, I'm not a gamer, although I have used Pandora once or twice since - warmer but not too bad (~35-37C).
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    The highest I have ever seen my phone get was 51 degrees. That was running the stock kernel and I am really not sure what happened, looks like something just got stuck in a loop. Heat generation seems to be worse under heavy use of the EVDO radio, or heavy use of radio while plugged in.
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    I've noticed a small increase. I don't have the temp patch installed, so I couldn't give you an exact figure, but warmer to the touch than at stock. You're pulling more power from the battery, and pushing more power through the phone itself faster, it's going to get warm.

    If you're getting really hot, yeah, back off. Your phone isn't really capable of handling the speed. That's common sense on any overclock, pushing a processor farther than intended with stock cooling is never a good idea. Unfortunately, there's no way to change the cooling on the Pre.
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    I've experience up to 51degree on my phone,maybe a defective phone,or maybe the cause of the overclocking 800mhz. I'm trying the 720mhz right now. More info later.
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    I streamed for several hours yesterday & phone did get hot, but it always seems to get hot streaming while plugged into car charger. The temp alarm did go off toward the end of the trip, so I switched to airplane mode to cool down for a while.
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    mine stayed in the 30's, but that was w/ texting, browsing. no 3d games.. i'm not that big into games..

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    Actually, I am running the 720. My phone gets pretty hot, but under a very specific set of circumstances. Every night, I have a 2 hour phone call (long distance relationship), and I leave my phone on the touchstone for it. So I have my CDMA radio, bluetooth, and touchstone going, and I hit low 50s. I usually just open the keyboard, and it cools down.
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    My pre seems to run cooler after using the 800mhz patch. I only tested it surfing the web using wifi for a hr though. Going to install the temperature patch and keep a eye on it.
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    woh,i wish my pre give me that kinda result. (heat wise)
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    Last night I did some 3D gaming for about 45 minutes and the pre got pretty hot in my hand. That's running the 800 patch.
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    played NFS last night and it did not get past 40 and I was playing for 30 min at least
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    Every piece of hardware is slightly different. If you are getting heat issues you should probably think about going back to stock speed, or at least dropping down to 720MHz or even the 600MHz.

    I have been lucky, I have the 800MHz kernel applied and have the Temp Warning Patch installed. So far, the alert hasn't gone off once. I'll continue to run the 800MHz until my phone give me reason not to.
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    My Pre gets noticeably hotter after the 800Mhz patch during the following times:

    1. When charging on the Stone charger
    2. When running lots of apps for extended periods
    3. When I keep it in my pocket

    I downloaded a temperature monitor patch and never let it get above 100 degrees F to be safe. I also don't charge it overnight for fear of overheating while I sleep. Just like the battery, it's just something to monitor.

    I'll take a bit of heat and depleted battery life for this massive increase in performance, though!
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    I've been using the 720MHz patch and I stream radio all day long. My phone has never been cooler.
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    I havent noticed any extra heat running the 800 mhz patch. The phone will reach 47*C with the GPS running for an extended amount of time (3+ hours) but it did that before the patch.

    The phone did heat up and lock up on me once though, it was under the comforter on my bed while charging for some reason and got really hot over night. Still works fine.
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    My heat seems ok, but my battery life is DISMAL with the 800 patch.....
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    I had stability issues with the 800MHz patch. My phone's data connection would drop.
    With the 720MHz patch it's been stable for about 2.5 hours... but the battery life is HORRIBLE.

    I may have to return to stock speeds or splurge on a 2600MAh battery.
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    I have the 800 MHz patch installed and mine runs a bit warmer, but I am talking 1-2 degrees at most. I am not huge into 3D gaming on it, but I am a heavy user at times and I havent noticed anything to be worried about...
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