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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydave View Post
    My heat seems ok, but my battery life is DISMAL with the 800 patch.....
    You should consider upgrading your battery to the 2600 mAh Extended Battery.
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    Once they published the temp utilities, I ran my phone pretty hard with the 800mhz kernel, and then again at the standard speed. I saw about 5-7 deg difference in the highest temp.

    The 800mhz never went above 40 deg, and the stock kernel got up 35 once, and generally peaked at 33 degrees.

    No stability issues at any temp.

    I noticed that the 2600mAh battery ran a bit cooler than the stock battery (more airflow in the back because there is some open space up by the speaker, perhaps?

    I think your battery life will get back to normal once you stop spending so much time opening up browser cards just to see how fast it is at 800mhz. Same thing we all did at first! Then, when we had to get back to work, I think we are all finding our battery life got back to normal.

    However, I definitely recommend the 2600mAh battery anyway. great battery ife, makes it easier to type, and even makes the speaker sound a little bit better,

    I only use the stock battery on long drives, because I like to stick it on the touchstone to keep it from sliding around in the car...

    There is a guy on this forum that will convert the 2600mAh back to work with Touch Stone, and eventually I am going to have that done. At that point, I will use the 2600 all the time...

    I hope that helps!
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    I'm not noticing any real difference in battery life.
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    my pre is running cooler than stock... go figure.
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    I had the 800 and got a heat alert after watching Youtube for 3 hrs straight while charging. Changed to 720 after that. I noticed the phone gets hot when charging and being active on your phone regardless of the 2 speeds. But I never got an alert while using 720. MyTether and streaming over an hour will get it pretty warm also. As mentioned above, sliding out the keyboard will help in the cooling process. Also, it best to get the CPU Uber Scaling patch, it really helps to cool your phone down and allows me to charge overnight without fear. Just my observations on how I maintain cooling for one of the best patches ever.
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    Fourth day on 800MHz and the hottest I have seen is 43 degrees and that was on the touchstone.
    Last edited by tripsbacks; 03/30/2010 at 12:55 PM. Reason: forgot to input the actual temp.
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    I have gotten a high of 42 while sitting on TouchStone, but I was getting that before. Right now its sitting on TStone and running at 37.

    I am going to install the heat patch. Good suggestion to open keyboard to run cooler, will try that. I run stock batteries.

    I don't have any 3d games, but do play Poker and no noticeable temp increase.

    I have Quick Systems Tasks installed which gives me temperature and also I run Battery Saver at night, no reason to run the phone, WiFi, Data, GPS after 10pm and before 6am (my settings). I am asleep and the phone sits on TStone in my home office. My wife likes me to sleep in the bedroom at the other end of the house.

    4th day on 800MHz and loving it. No instability, but I did get a Too Many Cards error when I had 10 items open. Closed a couple and then no problem. I can live with that and maybe next update with solve?
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    so I guess we can only charge our phone then,without doing anything else. That suck. What to do?
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    i installed the 720 first ran it for a day and had no heat problems at all. i then decided to try the 800 first day was great then i started getting the heat alert and noticed i was streaming at 45C i shut it down and let it cool off. I will watch it and if it continues may go back to 720

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    I've been trying out 800 for a few days now. I like how snappy the OS is with this, but it really does heat up my device. I don't notice any significant battery drain when idle (~ the same as stock), but when I do notice an issue is when I'm commuting home from work on the train. I like to throw a couple of movies on my device for the commute and kill time watching those. I've never had my device really get too hot in the past, but whenever I either watch a movie loaded on the Pre, or stream video via the SPB TV application, this thing does get mighty toasty. It seems that once it gets hot, I see the battery drain suddenly increase. On the train ride this morning to work, I started off around 95% batt and hit 45% in less than an hour (and it was pretty toasty).

    I think I'm going to try the 720 patch and compare. I used the 600 for a couple weeks, but was always having an issue of cards hanging (not fully opening) when starting some applications (even the phone).

    I love these patches and will be definitely be dropping a donation to the developers! It will be interesting (to me) to find out if there is a difference for heat and drain if I step over to the 720.
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    I was running the 800 patch and I had lots of heat problems when streaming audio. I've gone down to the 720 to see if it works better.
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    I'm having a lot of heat problems and terrible battery performance. I'm getting ready to uninstall the patch now.

    I never did install the 800, wanted to try the 720 first. Not for sure that it's the culprit, perhaps it's just augmenting a problem that was already there. Even with the screen off, nothing but polling for email in the background, the phone reaches 45oC in the holster. On the touchstone it easily reaches 45oC every time... it even hits 37oC in airplane mode.

    And my battery life has dropped to 4-5 hours max before it's dead.

    I don't know if there is something running in the background all the time... don't know how to check. Sometimes removing the battery for a bit and rebooting helps for a while, but then it starts again. Something is consuming huge amounts of power and I don't know what it is.

    Guess I'll have to start uninstalling patches until I can figure out which one it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pre4Michael View Post
    ...I don't know if there is something running in the background all the time... don't know how to check...
    Try downloading the JSTop application from Preware to see what is running on your device. You can stop services with it also.
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    I am not sure if I am the only one left out here but even after the 800MHz patch on my Palm Pre.. I still see some slowness in the phone. Specially when I open email app and browser through emails. Also noticed the new Facebook (beta) app is really really slow with 800MHz patch.

    Anyone else had this issue?

    It runs pretty smooth once these applications are already open and swiping between apps etc is pretty smooth and fast. Also I don't see "Too many cards open" messages now. Ran addictive "Helicopter" game for 15-20 minutes.. no heat. It does heat up bad when it doesn't find good EVDO signal in some areas.
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    no problems with battery life or heat here
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    My pre would heat up before the patch, and now with the patch its the same. No worries. Its my 4th one, only a matter of time before the speaker goes out and I will get a new one.
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    ok,just got a new pre a few hours ago. It's weird to see the in action,pretty slow and lags a lot. I have not yet updated to 1.4,testing the heat issue on the touchtone charger,after playing around a few apps.streaming the web,and playing nfs game,I notice the pre does still get warm using the touchtone charger,while doing stuff on the phone. I believe that the 800mhz make it a little bit more warmer though. I'm getting ready to add back my patches on,and also super fast speed 800mhz or 700mhz. Regardless of what you have on your device,the truth is your phone will get hot if you charge and use it at the same time. If the phone cools down when not in use,then there is nothing wrong with it,on the other if the opposite happens,then I suggest getting a replacement.
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    Im updating to 720 today.
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    So far, my phone got hotter BEFORE the patch:
    A) on the Torchstone
    B) searching for signal

    So far, AFTER the patch, no heat issues yet during "normal" use. I did a quick test this morning and streamed TWiT video with the phone on the Torchstone. I let it get up to 109 F before I got chicken and stopped the test. I do not want to be the first to fry his "fone".
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    I have just removed the 800 patch. It was stable for me but I also run Jstop in the background and restart the phone every morning. I typicaly run JStop, Sprint Navigation, Pandora, Messaging and Email while on the touchstone I have installed in my car. I have reached the warning level on a number of occasions. I noticed that unplugging the touchstone helps bring the heat down. I would wonder that since we are monitoring the battery temp as a gauge for the system temp if the charging cycle inflates the battery temp while the processor is really not heating up. Since I don't know thought I would better be safe than sorry at this point. It would be nice if the temp sensor on the processor was accesible to the programers.
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