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    Hey Everyone,
    I've used the Palm Pre before when it was first released. Since then, i loved it. Unfortunately, due to bad communication between my girlfriend and I. I ended up returning it for an Iphone. Well now my contract is up and I really want to go back to the pre. But I want a few opinions from you guys. Is the Pre from sprint still pretty much the same since it was first released? I mean did the update make a major change in the phone? Also, is the phone still suffering from problems such as; lag, getting stuck, or being slow? Lastly should I just wait for the HTC EVO? thank you for your input, just want to know how pre is working for you guys since you have had it.

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    I think you should wait until this summer to see if Palm comes out with something new. The Pre from sprint has def. improved since you last used it they made some hardware improvements and on the software side also. If you get the pre install the 800mhz patch and your good!! I love webOs its seriously the best Os out their.

    The Evo is nice but software wise WebOs wins hands down. but the specs on that phone of course beats the hell out of the Pres hardware.
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    To put it simply...yes, the Pre is for you, it is for everyone. It is the culmination of all things in this world that are amazing, beautiful, and true.
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    I'm going to respectfully disagree with the above comments. To compare the EVO 4G to the Palm Pre seems to be a sacrilege. WebOS is nice but it isn't Android. It is still very young to me. There have been a lot of improvements but WebOS still has a ways to go. The hardware still isn't very solid. I would wait for the next Palm device, but we don't know what that will be or when that will be. Or you can get the EVO. It seems like it will be the best device on the planet spec wise and hardware wise.
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    Works fine for me, I like WebOS a heck of a lot better than Android, no matter how young it is comparatively. Personally, I've had no issues with it at all, hardware or software, but I got mine in December, newer November build hardware, and I didn't install anything as far as patches or extra software until 1.4 came out. Might be why I have fewer issues than some folks.

    If you like it, the positives outweigh the negatives, go for it. The EVO is new as well, there's no guarantees that it won't have problems as well, so don't get your mind set that that phone will be perfect at launch.
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    It still has plenty of lag if kept stock.
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    get it now and add thhe 800mhz patch. Webos hass matured. Go preveizon ocks too!

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