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  • Processor

    17 34.69%
  • Form Factor

    2 4.08%
  • Screen Size

    8 16.33%
  • RAM

    2 4.08%
  • Battery Life

    12 24.49%
  • Pre App's

    3 6.12%
  • Storage

    0 0%
  • WebOS

    1 2.04%
  • Keyboard

    2 4.08%
  • Other Features

    2 4.08%
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    What would you upgrade? (ONLY 1)

    Assuming that all desired patches and preware have been installed on a Pre Plus.

    Screen Size
    Battery Life
    Form Factor
    Pre App's
    Call Quality

    I'd have to go with a bigger screen size as my big feature. Web browsing and messaging are key to me.
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    Screen Size, cause every thing was fixed for me after the 800 patch, thanks unix and caj
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    screen size for sure
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    App catalog needs more useful apps. 5 star for WebOS but with the app catalog in it's current state I knock it down to 3 star.
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    a better built phone mabye out of metal
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    Have to be two, RAM and storage. At least for Sprint, VZW already did that. 8GB is fine right now, but more would be nice.
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    screen size
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    Screen size
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    keyboard should slide out in landscape and the screen should be a little wider from left-right in landscape.
  10. xtn
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    Full usage of the GPU for everything.
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    I would like support for more video formats. I miss being able to just drag any video type to my Windows Mobile (DivX etc.)

    All this converting is rubbish, half the time I cant be bothered so just go without...
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    +2 on GPU use

    Btw I'd say a poll is in order for this one.
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    Hard to pick just one out of those...

    But mine would have to be storage, they should have at least a micro-SD card slot.

    Batter life would run a close second......
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    Increase hardware quality.....a lot.
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    A better CALENDAR application.

    It is my most heavily used application (Datebk6) on my 680
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    Naked(stock) Pre or fully clothed(all patched up) ? Naked, I would say processor. Fully clothed, battery life.
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    Sync with Outlook. One thing to pay for the phone. Plus car charger and upgraded battery because the battery is sooooo bad. Plus to have to purchase a third party app to sync with Outlook. Too much.
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    screen size.

    Can you add voting buttons to this thread? It might help to quantify this info so you can send it to Palm...
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    Voice dialing
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    Screen Size
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