View Poll Results: What feature would you upgrade?

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  • Processor

    17 34.69%
  • Form Factor

    2 4.08%
  • Screen Size

    8 16.33%
  • RAM

    2 4.08%
  • Battery Life

    12 24.49%
  • Pre App's

    3 6.12%
  • Storage

    0 0%
  • WebOS

    1 2.04%
  • Keyboard

    2 4.08%
  • Other Features

    2 4.08%
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  1. Honis's Avatar
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    Palm Pre Plus: Higher clock (from manufacturer)
    Palm Pre: Be the above resulting Palm Pre Plus...
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    *Poll Added*

    So far it's about 13-8 in favor of hardware improvement.
  3. Stihl's Avatar
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    Man, this is tough, since so many of these features sort of run into each other. I'll go with Keyboard though. The current keyboard is useable, but i'd love larger buttons, sort of blackberry style.
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    Assuming we are talking about the Pre plus, it would be screen size. If we are talking about the regular Pre, it would be a toss up between RAM and Screen size.
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    Well I made this thread with the intention of finding out what feature people value most of out of their Pre/Pre Plus and would like to see upgraded for the next device.

    Considering that Palm will possibly be upgrading based on the Pre Plus device, that's the device being considered in the poll.
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    Pre Plus: The keyboard. The keyboard is the worst keyboard I've ever used on the phone. My cheapo Verizon Razzle had a much better keyboard. This thing misses letter, triple types letters, and basically has a mind of its own.
  7. tyea's Avatar
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    voice rcognition. I would like to be able to navigate the phone commands via voice command, and have the phone convert text to voice. For example, I would like to perform a wikipedia search on on Afganistan via voice commands, and the phone will start narrating the selection to me.
  8. ayman86's Avatar
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    battery life. anything else is moot when the battery life sucks
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    more ram most def. Love the fact that I could see more apps without getting the too many cards error!
  10. SDash's Avatar
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    Battery Life. I want it to last several days but that's unlikely. A day would be nice, only charge at night.

    The size works for the form factor. It would be a different phone altogether if it had a bigger screen. I already use my laptop for everything else.
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    I find it interesting that the features that people want the most (according to this poll) changed from their pre were not modified at all when they made the pre plus. Processor, Screen size, and battery life were unchanged from the pre to pre plus
  12. Olidie's Avatar
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    As much I would love a larger screen, better processor, or everything else on that list for that matter, to me the RAM is the most important. It's the only reason I envy Verizon's version.

    My biggest frustration with my Pre is the "Too Many Cards" error, most especially when I'm only trying to open one card.
  13. ZR1
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    I think it would be cool if you could push a button and have it slide open and close.
    Ok with limited space for a motor, maybe just a spring action open.
    I have find it difficult to use one handed, and find that while at work I need to use it one handed quite a bit.
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    To me I think things such as RAM and the processor will automatically increase along with the market as technology improves.

    But I think that screen size is something Palm should go out of their way to upgrade.

    As far as battery life, I plan on getting whatever extended battery Seidio offers anyway.
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    Battery life, I wouldn't mind screen size but don't want the phone any bigger. Would rather have current screen size than bigger phone.
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    Seems like the processor, battery life, and screen size are the top 3.

    For me the 800 mhz patch and the seidio battery solves those two though.
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