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    Hi Friends,

    I am using a GSM PRE and so i don't have the vast number of apps in App Catalog like our American Friends.So i don't even know if the app for the purpose i am looking for is already available in App Catalog or not ! .

    I just want to rename multiple files (also rename the extensions for Example : abc.txt to def.pic, something like that!). I have already tried terminus, terminal (Which crashes always after the 1.4 update ) and Internalz without any success, or am i not using them properly ?! .

    Could some one please help me to rename multiple files on my palm pre without connecting them to a Computer ?!

    Thank you very much in advance,
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    Hi all ,

    No replies . So would it be safe to assume that there is no tool or way to do this ?
    Thanks in advance ,
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    Internalz 1.0 is coming soon It will be able to do that
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    @ Jason Robitaille : Thanks a lot for the great news, waiting eagerly for internalz 1.0

    @tomi 666 : Thanks a lot for the great link and info


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