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    Hi there and thanks so much for the feedback! As for the tweaks and mods, I've tweaked and mod'ed my TX and 755p quite a bit! Pruss and those folks are awesome! With my Pre+, I'm still feeling it out and seeing what I might be interested in changing before I begin down that path with it. As for now, I'm good...but I will admit that curiosity is getting the better of me and having this week off is providing me with more time to think about this. And no good can come from it.

    I couldn't help but laugh when you talked about the iPhone's games and such being interrupted during phone calls. I read that thread not too long ago and found it very amusing.

    Re: the voting over at laptopmag, I participated in that. I don't know if all my voting counted, but I refreshed and voted with the best of 'em. This is a wonderful device and the masses don't know what they're missing. Though, I will admit that I'm doing my part to spread the word. I've converted a few friends and family members thus far.

    I agree with you, the developers here are AMAZING. Many of whom I recognize from the Palm OS development days. I'm very happy to see that they are continuing their efforts on this platform. It's the icing on the cake!

    Thanks again for the feedback, I love this community!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Thanks for sharing the joy. You are in the right place for that. Are you the type of fan-girl that also is interested in mods and tweaks for your phone?

    If so, you should check out the PreWare application as a great place to find cool modifications. Also check out webOSQuickInstall for the same reason. And also check into the 800mhz and 720mhz kernels that were released buy a couple of developers last week. It makes the Pre blazing fast.

    I have that on mine, and I have a theme installed that makes my Pre look almost exactly like an iPhone. I love to show it to my Droid and iPhone friends. They are always impressed, especially with the 800mhz kernel (the stock Pre runs at 500mhz).

    Also, tell your daughter to call her friends when they are playing games on their iPhones. It will shut off the game and they have to start over when the phone rings. Same for sending a text message.

    However, she can be playing a 3D game such as Asphalt (there are quote a few) and the Palm will just pause the game for the call or text, and the resume when she is done. That really impresses the younger iPhone users!

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing the joy. If you watched the recent voting over at, you can see why Palm Pre has been the upset winner over two heavily favored rivals. The fact that twice as many people voted as in the contest where the iPhone was defeated (by a blackberry, no less!) you can see that this community is very loyal.

    I think you will find the users and developers at PreCentral to be the best anywhere. They certainly have helped me a lot, and helped me have the confidence to stick with Palm when the entire world told me to get a Motorola Droid. It was really hard for me to wait the extra months between the MotoDroid launch and the Pre Plus launch because I really wanted to move up from my Centro. I am glad I waited, and I'm glad I was able to get enough info from PreCentral to convince me to wait. Bet phone ever!

    Please continue to post as you experience new joy. We all really like to hear about that, especially when there are trolls out there that just like to complain! Oh, you should also head over to and and post a user review. Others will benefit from your experiences!

    +1 to you.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    FYI, I have a Garmin 765T GPS, and I bluetooth to that. It lets me plug in a microphone so I don't sound like I'm on a car speakerphone (which always sounds terrible to the person being called at 80 mph). My Garmin plugs in to the aux jack on my car stereo.

    That's way cheaper than a new car. I would recommend a newer model than the 765T, but it might be helpful to you if you are looking for toys to expand the joy of your Pre!

    Ahh, thanks for the tip. I'll look into this! It is indeed less expensive than a new car.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Are you using the microphone in the Pre when you do this?

    Yes, it appears that I am because I have no other device attached. I merely plug the adapter into the Pre+, place it in the dock and talk. I hear the caller through the speakers and they hear me in return just fine.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    Heart: warmed. This thread has made my day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieter Bohn View Post
    Heart: warmed. This thread has made my day.
    Aww, thanks Dieter!! Glad that my happiness is contagious.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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    You LOVE Palm, AND you talk in Optimus Prime's voice.

    You are awesome.
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    Getting the Pre Plus has been like a Palm Hobbyist reboot for me. I've been using Palm devices since my M125. Had the 130, TX and 755P after that. I agree that the Zen of Palm was always a part of the joy, especially after I loaded Agendus (actually I loaded it before it was even CALLED Agendus. Anyone remember what was called back then?) Anyhow, the other part of the fun was the tweaking, finding apps, and just generally getting it to perform above and beyond how it came out of the box. The Pre Plus has totally brought that fun back.

    I'm getting speakerphone through my car audio with the Jabra Cruiser, which has totally blown me away as I'm able to make calls, listen to podcasts, radio with the Radio Time app, all while Trapster is scanning for Cylons ahead. That truly is an amazing bunch of functionality. The Cruiser has great battery life and so far I've been very happy with it. You might want to look into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pr3Lov3r View Post
    I'll tell you the truth, I just can't keep my hands off this thing. I'm always buying or trying out an app just so I can have an excuse to touch it. Every day I'm finding something else in the app catalog to try. It's a good thing we don't have as many apps as Apple yet...I'd never get any work done!
    A truly inspiring story!

    You may enjoy this thread if you haven't seen it:
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! That's what owning a Pre is about. Thanks for the great read Pr3Lov3r!
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pr3Lov3r View Post
    Ahh, it felt good to get that out.

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    welcome to the forums and the best smart(est)phone experience ;-)
    and because im single i just love holding my pre with its warm, soft ts cover. it feels so good and i love its smell!! ohh my prear!

    @emunee: lol !
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    Welcome to the forum, we need more "glass is half full" people in here
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