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    Just thought I would share this since all we seem to hear are the horror stories from people trying to get their phone replaced.

    I bought my Pre on launch day at Best Buy and had managed to escape all the issues that so many people seemed to be having, but I finally got the dreaded USB crack. Fortunately, I had Best Buy's protection plan so I took it in and they sent it out for repair. Today they called me and said they were giving me a replacement phone and I could come pick it up. I was obviously expecting this to be a refurb, but no....they gave me a BRAND NEW Pre out of the store's stock. They just pulled up my sale from back in June and rung it up as a store credit, then bought the new Pre with the store credit. I couldn't be happier. Plus, when they send your phone out for repair they just take the phone without the battery, back cover, etc. Since they gave me a new Pre out of stock, it was the complete package you get when you buy one so I also got an extra battery, charger, USB cable, back cover, headset, and carry pouch all for FREE.

    For those of you that don't know, Best Buy's protection plan is $9.99 a month ($2 a month more than Sprint's) but there is NO deductible.

    I bought my Pre at BB so I didn't have to deal with a Mail-in rebate, and with service like this I will definitely be going back next time I buy a new phone.
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    Dude thats awesome, i heard also that the best buy warranty is better then sprints anyday

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