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    I'm asking this question out of curiousity of never actually install this patch before. Do you have or had this patch? If you did,how was/is the performance?
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    I had the 600 prior to installing the 800 patch. I noticed a significant speed boost over stock, the phone felt smoother with fewer hiccups.

    when I switched up to the 800 incidentally I didn't feel it was all that much faster than the 600 patch, although I'm sure if I drop down it'll be noticeable.
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    thanks for that info.
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    As one who doesn't want to early adopt the monster patches (but good work, boys!), I've played with the newer 600 MHz patch. Not to be confused with the older ones that tried to include dynamic voltage and CPU scaling.

    Honestly, I don't think it's tremendously noticeable on load times. I actually switched the patch on and off a couple times, verifying speed changes after resets. Just tried loading a few different apps, panning and zooming quickly through pictures, stuff like that. Loading apps a second time was slightly faster. It does smooth out some of the little wrinkles. Scrolling and panning and stuff all stutter less now. Didn't notice anything else, really.

    And, I can say, after a few days it doesn't seem to make any hit on the stand by or talk time for the battery.

    It might drain it faster while actively using it, but that's hard for me to tell. My Pre's always dropped like a rock while browsing heavily, etc, and that number's always changed a lot depending on what I'm doing.

    Edit: It might also be worth noting that I have zero tolerance for lag having come from WinMo. If I ever notice my Pre is getting glitchy or consistently stuttery, I reset it without even blinking. So maybe mine just never seemed as 'slow' as some other people. But yeah, it still seems to stutter less now.

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