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    Verizon sponsors Gossip Girl and after their billboard (logo intro to commercial break) they aired a palm pre plus commercial in the A position in the first pod of the show. If you know media, this is a rather premium position in a show like this and to me at least, it means they are trying harder to sound the pre plus. Maybe this follows along the whole marketing to females thing, but who gives a crap, I was very pleasantly surprised!
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    cool, by any chance is their some type of link or something
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    I checked out the VZW store at the biggest mall near me, and I saw HUGE droid posters. I saw one small poster next the the palm stand... kind of sad, but it was right in the middle of the room so when you walked in it was right in your face.
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    No link yet sorry! it's on right now, I just got so excited I had to share!

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