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    Calling The 2010 Phone of The Year: Palm Pre Plus

    We’re declaring the Palm Pre Plus as the 2010 Phone of The Year.
    First, we’re bumping up our timing of the award this year to be in-line with CTIA Wireless expo. Why? A couple of months ago, we started contacting every phone manufacturer with a simple offering; show us what you’ve got, and we’ll see what’s best. By announcing the award now, you’ll know you’re getting a phone that will last you for the full year at the top of the heap. It also gives us the latitude to pick a old phone, a current phone, or even one that isn’t shipping yet.
    Why’d we chose the Palm Pre Plus? Read more to find out.

    I hadn't seen this and search is not working to well on precentral currently, don't know if it has been posted.
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    Yeah, I had the same problem untill they had a post about using the advanced search, put the keyword in and then select in the title. But I don't mind seeing it again.
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    Wow phone of the year already, they must be psychic
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    Is that some kind of joke? Palm Pre Plus phone of the year? Just like apparently the Palm Pre was the "world's best phone" ... I don't mind my Pre or the Palm company but they have to stop flaunting these claims of having the best phone ever.

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