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    I was planning to get my Pre this week, that's until I purchased a new car this weekend. One of the features on my new Nissan is a built in Bluetooth kit. I was pumped to get my Pre and my new car all in one week...Until....

    I checked out Nissan's Bluetooth web site and saw that the Palm Pre was not compatible!!! Nissan's are not listed on Palm's site either.

    I called my dealer and they said that the Bluetooth might work, but not with all the features.

    Does anyone have experiences with a Nissan and the Pre? How bad is it?

    I am really at a loss, this is feature I really liked in the car and would like to use it. I don't know if I should still get a Pre.

    Help!!! Thanks
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    It works great.been using it fo about 2 weeks now
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    Quote Originally Posted by amistak View Post
    It works great.been using it fo about 2 weeks now
    Thanks for the quick response. Did your phonebook transfer?
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    Rough life, guess you can't have evrything. On a serious note you shouldn't make your decision on which smartphone to get based on bluetooth compatability.
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    Buy a Mazda, my son's Mazdaspeed 3 syncs great, voice dailing and everything.
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    We had the same problem with our 08 Accord. When I bought the Pre it was discovered by the system and I was able to make calls. I just couldn't end the call with the button on the steering wheel. That was finally fixed a couple of releases ago.

    The phonebook transferred too but it transferred every single contact, phone # and non phone #, from my gmail contacts, which is useless. It's annoying but not a deal breaker. At least the phone paired up with the audio system.
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    How bout getting a better car.. Ford Sync works perfectly. Fusion is killer.
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    I would change cars first.

    I'm sure it will work well enough to be ok. It works with my garmn gps.

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