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    No for me, because I refused to buy a Pre until they had a couple patches that I felt I really needed to make the phone useful to me.
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    Looking over the 22 patches I have installed, there are only a few that I would really miss.

    1.4 covers the "must have" features that were lacking, so I'd be fine without the patches.
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    I probably would not have kept it. The patches have given the phone essential functionality that it was clearly missing.
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    I love my Pre. I think WebOS is fantastic. But i really enjoy how you can customise this phone. I can't be bothered to ramble on but YES i would change for another phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwinn35 View Post
    yeah, the only patches I even use are characters in texts and download unthrottle. Oh and I guess the big one is 800 mhz patch. Well I liked it before love it more now, but without the patch I'd probably be looking for a new phone with everything new coming out so then I guess yeah.?......well that sucks.
    You don't need download unthrottle now that 1.4 is out
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    Never used a patch so it would not matter to me.
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    As much as i love the patches on my phone I will have to say that I would still love my PRE
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    The big winner for me is the 800mhz patch. I am so impressed with how much smoother my phone runs. I was going to jump ship for an EVO but now I should be able to hold out to see if Palm has new hardware. I absolutely love WeboS and if I do move on, I'm sure I will miss it.
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    Wow i just checked and i have 81 Patch's install somehow lol
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    No patches. I've wasted too much time in the past hacking things and living on the edge. Now, I use things as is. I'm relatively happy with my Pixi Plus as is -- know that I'll get officially supported features in the future.
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    while i would keep it .. i wouldnt be happy about it. as it is i have a strong love hate relationship with the PRE .. without patches it would be a lil more towards the hate side lol
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    yes, I love my pre & it is the only phone I want. The patches are a bonus & make even more fun for me.
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    I probably wouldn't keep this baby.
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    ive used many of the patches, but i havent run any of them, not even preware or homebrew apps for over 3 months. it really hasnt changed the usefulness of the device in my case. I should also point out that i was having problems with patches, so i opted to go stock.

    Dont let my last sentence dissuade anyone from using patches though, as they are great add ons for the pre/pixi. i just didnt have much luck with them, and really didnt HAVE to have any of them.
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    Since 1.4 came out with more customizable alert options and some other stuff, I would say that I could live without patches. Before 1.4... no way.
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    Yes I would. The form factor is perfect for me, and there will be more updates.

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    I have 32 patches and a theme installed and would certainly miss them. That said, I would still keep my PrPrPr&#$275$;. $It$'$s$ $a$ $great$ $phone$ $and$ $mine$ $is$ $a$ $solid$ $as$ $ever$.
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    i believe the proposed question would be very similar to asking an iPhone user if their app catalog was removed, would they still keep the phone. just a thought.

    my answer to the question, i'd keep it because the webOS UI is amazing and i would definitely miss it if i had to jump ship.
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    simple answer.. Oh H3LL NO!!! The thing I love about this is that I can patch and install homebrew apps. Without it I would go to a different carrier. Unless they implemented all patches to make it just like I have it now.

    I dunno that EVO is lookin nicer every day. Specially that second camera and the ability to record HD.

    I'll get it but I'm not sure I'll dump the pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmcnamara43 View Post
    sadly and simply i 100% agree, a 'virgin' pre isnt all that fun or cool. this community make the pre what it is, it comes with the phone, haha honestly palm should start putting a link to this site in the packaging of their phones somewhere.
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