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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    the Pre haters must take the Pre seriously now.

    and palm should hire all of us ti run marketing!
    Dude. please.

    this is beyond laughable. Even if the pre win this poll garbage it is still 8 million phones sold behind the blackberry or the iphone this year.

    I get that pre zealots find this to be absurd fun but it really is pointless.
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    Palm Pre is up again!!

    Do those crackberry people really believe their phone is better than the Pre?! As much as I want to bash them, I feel sorry for them. Could you imagine swapping out your Pre for a Crackberry? How backwards of a move would that be? Esp with the Bold. You might as well pull out the CRTs and Windows 2000 : )

    I'm pumped!! Palm Pre all the way!!
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