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    From my guess is that the camera will sometime lock up the audio API system. And to solve the issue only a device restart works. I experienced this since day one of 1.4.0. Not 800Mhz related.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    i love how once one person mentions a problem everyone comes out of the woodworks with the same problem rather than mentioning it when they first realized they had it
    So what? What's the big deal. Should I say I "love" how many forum police we have?

    I never saw it the first time it was on the forum and did this time because it was on the Precentral homepage. Thought I'd respond. I just figured it was a glitch I had to live with. Glad I'm not alone tho.

    Thanks Showmrock for bringing it up!
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    I've had this problem ever since 1.4 came out.

    To respond to 063_xobx, the has been a camera issues thread for A WHILE NOW - the gray screen is a well known flaw with 1.4. There's even a discussion on Palm's forums about it.
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