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    I recently updated my pre to 1.4 and installed preware and did the 800mhz patch. I installed the onscreen keyboard and 4by4 patch through quick install but read that you should uninstall it the way you installed it eg. preware and preware. So I wanted to uninstall the patches so they could all be trough preware but when I did and restarted nothing changed! I still had the 4by4 and onscreen keyboard. After using the repair utility with compatibility off the patches were removed but when I tried to install the onscreen keyboard with preware it said some of the files were already there and aborted the install!! I tried emergency patch repair and that didn't change anything either. I can't install the keyboard through quick install anymore either. Is there anyway I can fix this? I'm worried that if I do the next update sometime might mess up because I would have the patch still installed even if it isn't working. I was still able to install other patches like 4by4 and temperature tracker.

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    Pretty much..Preware and Quick install are the same can delete and install with Preware or QI...You cant uninstall the 800MHZ patch with Preware, you have to use a comp because i believe the IPK file is not out yet.
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    The 800mhz patch isn't the problem. I used the repair utility to get rid of the keyboard and when I try to install it again it doesn't let me because it says some of the files are already installed? Now I can't install the on-screen keyboard. Is there anyway around this other than doctoring it? Perhaps a way to let the patch installation process overwrite files instead of ignoring them?
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    Ohhh...i see i see...Go in USB mode. Go into the palm folder and delete the virtual Keyboard folder...Not individual files..the whole folder and try to install again...

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