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    So Im currently using Patch Hide Quick Launch Bar and Fully Transparent Launcher but I noticed that get out of an application it pops up again for a quick second...anyway to get rid of that? or are their any other patches for that?
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    I actually like it cause I only use four icons in the quick launch. Every once in awhile an icon shows up down there an the only way to get it out is to catch it before it pops back down.
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    Very True but I use the Wave if I need to get something off the bar
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    If you swipe up from the black area and hold down your thumb, you can use the quick launch buttons, even with the hidden patch.
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    Nah, remember I do not want the quick Launch bar at all, I want to only use gestures...

    no quick launch bar at all so is there another patch that hides it full time where it never comes up unless I remove the patch
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    Yes, the patch is called Hide Quick Lauch Bar. It is under the App Launcher section.
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